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Three-Year (Bachelor-Level) Degree Course in Communication Sciences

The Three-Year Degree course in Communication Sciences aims at training young graduates equipped with a sound cultural preparation and a good mastery of the methods of analysis, in a environment that is today deeply and continuously changing driven by the digitization of the communication processes, by market and cultures globalization, by the evolution of the professions and by the relational dynamics made possible by the Internet. 

The course trains graduates qualified to operate in the various sectors of communication, in public and private settings,  at institutions, associations, agencies, businesses, publishing houses, newspapers, creative communication agencies and in institutions organizing cultural events, media centers, advertising brokers.

The general structure of this study path draws on the disciplines of the humanities area and on disciplines of the sociological and massmediology area, enlarging the educational project according to an interdisciplinary and knowledge mutual integration perspective. Actually, the path is designed balancing disciplines having a largely theoretical character with disciplines adding a practical-operational profile to the theoretical dimension:

  • The theoretical disciplines allow to acquire tools for analyzing and putting into context historical, social and cultural events linked to the various languages and products of communication (literature, cinema, radio-television, contemporary art, advertising, design, theatre, new media). A significant part of the educational offer is devoted to analyzing the change resulting from digitization and from its effects on the overall structure of the media and of communication processes in all sectors.
  • The disciplines that have a marked technical-operational dimension allow to develop practical and creative skills in the many fields of communication, with particular reference to the new professions of communication. The study program, actually, includes a range of workshops supervised by professionals working on the various sectors of digital communication, the most vital field of the current communication ecosystem. These workshops allow the students to apply the knowledge acquired during their study path in the realization of multimedia products and projects.

This educational offer is accomplished by an intermediate training (B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in the English language and by computer skills to ensure professional opportunities in a European and international context.

Three-year Degree Course

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- Alessandro Caforio                               a.caforio@uninettuno.it


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