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Economics and business administration

The Bachelor degree in “Economics and Business Administration” offers to the student the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the business and economic environment. At the end of the course, students will be able: to understand the management principles in public, private, non-profit companies; to realize professional activities in the business and economic field; to continue the studies in a Master degree course (LM) of the same subject area.

Networking with universities and excellency centres at European Union level and associated countries level.

In particular, the degree course in “Economics and Business Management” is divided into four curricula provided in Italian and English. The paths in English are Business and Financial Management; they offer the opportunity to study in an international environment using digital technologies. The curricula in English were designed for students wishing to acquire an international-level education, in the aim of deepening their knowledge on the management and financial aspects of the companies operating in the global market.

The paths cover a wide range of skills and provide a complete overview of the most topics in successful business management, including business administration and management, economics, corporate finance, international law, mathematics and statistics, marketing, organizational behaviour and business dynamics.

Employment and career opportunities for graduates

Upon graduation, the degree course in “Economics and Business Management” aims to offer its graduates a work placement enabling them to acquire kick start their managerial careers in different business functions (Administration, finance, marketing, organisation, production and technology, etc.) and in different types of companies (public and private, profit and non-profit) but also for consulting activities in various areas of business management. The acquired education will empower graduates to continue their studies, following master courses or enrolling in the Bachelor’s programme, immediately or after a period of work, according to the logic of continuous learning well established by the European social and institutional context.