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Three-Year (Bachelor-Level) Degree Course in Economics and Business Management

The Three-Year (Bachelor-Level9 Degree Course in Economics and Business Management is divided into four main paths, two in the Italian and two in the English language. More specifically, the following curricula are currently running:

  • Economics and Corporate Governance: a path aimed at economics and corporate governance in the Italian language;
  • Culture, Tourism, Territory and Corporate Value: a path aimed the economics and management of tourist enterprises in the Italian language;
  • Business Management: an international management path in the English language;
  • Financial Management: an international path aimed at business management with a special focus on financial issues in the English language.

The first and the third paths allow the student to: learn the basics of economics and business management; develop skills related to the business administration and management; understand the business functions and processes (from resource management to production and transformation, sales and after-sales service, marketing, and business communication); extend the problem-solving knowledge related to the inter-functional problems among different manufacturing and operating departments of the same company; acquire the skills needed to start an independent professional activity.
The second path, instead, gives the student an opportunity to learn in depth about the tourism sector and the cultural industry, as well as about business management focusing on territorial, regional and local characteristics.
The fourth path provides students with the necessary skills in business management and administration, focusing on the analysis of some aspects of management from a financial viewpoint.
The study paths in English were designed for those wishing to earn a three-year degree in Economics and Business Management and acquire an international-level education, in the aim of deepening their knowledge on the management and financial aspects of the companies operating in the global market.
Below, you can consult the pages related to the program of the course in Economics and Business Management and the different study programs, grouped by path.

Three-Year (Bachelor-Level) Degree Course in Economics and Business Management

Description of the Degree Course
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