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Premaster Course – Introduction to Master

In collaboration with:
Face-to- face lessons at the BSBI Berlin Campus:
Potsdamer Straße 180-182
10783 Berlin, Germany

The UNINETTUNO University “Premaster Course – Introduction to Master was conceived for international students who need to complete their basic education in order to access to Master di Primo Livello in partnership between UNINETTUNO and Berlin School of Business and Innovation - BSBI.
The program is in line with the procedure of the italian Ministry of Higher Education.
The program, delivered in blended version with two modules in BSBI Berlin campus and one module on UNINETTUNO platform, is held in English language and primarily addresses to international students with different academic systems.
Candidates may apply for the ““Premaster Course – Introduction to Master” to improve their educational or linguistic competences, and must be approved by UNINETTUNO Scientific Committee.
Students who successfully complete the program will apply to Master di Primo Livello in partnership between UNINETTUNO and Berlin School of Business and Innovation - BSBI.
The duration of the program is 8 weeks.
At the end of the “Pre-Master Course – Introduction to Master”, students will be able to enroll to Master di Primo Livello in partnership between UNINETTUNO and Berlin School of Business and Innovation - BSBI.

Description of the Course

The Premaster Course is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue their Master di Primo Livello with academic tools such as academic writing, attentive listening skills and enhanced knowledge of academic terminologies thus prepares you for a Master di Primo Livello.
This course comprises on three modules: Marketing principles, Business Strategy and Financial Accounting (online on UNINETTUNO platform). Lectures will introduce and consider key theories, perspectives and current thinking and practice. The tutorial sessions, facilitated by tutors, are used to support and enhance student understanding and include a variety of classroom-based exercises that consolidate on the material learnt within the lectures.


The aims of this programme are to:
  • Foster detailed understanding of the theories, concepts, framework and practices related to marketing, business strategies and business environment
  • Enable students to integrate theoretical and work based learning
  • Develop a wide range of academic and practical skills that will enhance future career and study progression.
  • Encourage students to reflect on personal experience of the working environment in relation to how personal and/or business practices can be improved.
  • Enable students to demonstrate a capacity for independent learning.

Course Structure

Marketing principles

Business Strategy

Financial Accounting (on UNINETTUNO platform)

Entry Requirements:

  • English requirement: 6.0 overall, one component 5.0
  • Academic qualification: Level 6 not recognized as Bachelor Degree by NARIC
  • Strong professional experience in the field, with reference letter, CV and personal statement

All the cases must be evaluated by UNINETTUNO Scientific Committee.


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