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Internship opportunities

To carry out a traineeship abroad as part of the Erasmus program, in addition to presenting the candidacy according to the modalities envisaged by the current call, it is necessary to identify a company to work for. Below you can find some suggestions.


ErasmusIntern ErasmusIntern is a project of the Erasmus Student Network, aimed at putting aspiring Erasmus interns in contact with European companies. In the portal you can register and create a profile with your resume and your interests. Then you can analyze the available offers and apply.

What to do?

  1. Register on the website
  2. Create your own profile, upload your resume, enter your studies, professional experiences and personal interests
  3. Search among the available internship offers, those of your interest, also using the available filters
  4. Apply for selected offers, then wait for possible feedback from the companies

ATTENZIONE: it is important to pay attention of your profile, because it will be the one on which the companies will base themselves for a first evaluation.

Paid internships

The University collaborates with a number of intermediary companies, which offer opportunities to carry out paid internships in different countries. In the following table you can find a series of offers.

What to do?

  1. Analyze the offers available in the following table, identifying those of interest to you
  2. Send an email to the University's International Mobility Office, showing interest in one or more offers
  3. The International Mobility Office, having verified the congruence between the curriculum and the requirements of the offer, will forward the curriculum to the intermediary company

ATTEZIONE: before sending the application, it is a good idea to read the offer and verify that you have all the required requirements.

N.b.: intermediary companies generally ask for a fee for the service offered, which is in any case less than the financial contribution offered by the internship. The economic relationship concerns directly and exclusively the trainee and the intermediary company, the University is not involved in any way.