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Distance University for working students

It is possible to obtain a Degree at 40 or 50 years old? How to study while working a full-time job? Are there university courses for working students? And distance education degree courses? Is it possible to go back to University after years outside of education? The answers to all these questions are given by Uninettuno and its didactic model that allows you to combine work and study, and organise your own learning autonomously, but always with a support of professors-tutors.

Thanks to the Uninettuno’s distance learning courses, it will be possible to graduate without attending classes in the lecture halls of University, but by connecting to the portal https://www.uninettunouniversity.net/, This portal is the only one in the world realised in 6 languages (Italian, French, English, Arabic, Greek, and Polish) where professors from the most prestigious universities around the world teach in the virtual spaces of the Internet.

With the Uninettuno, you can attend your university from wherever you are, with no limits of space and time: you can study in the evening upon returning from work or at night, at lunchtime or while you wait for a bus. Just turn on your PC, smartphone or tablet, and connect to the Didactic Cyberspace: wherever the student is, the Uninettuno’s learning environment on the Internet gives access to academic lectures, didactic materials (slides, books and articles, exercises, etc.), multimedia products, databases, tutorials, systems of evaluation and self-assessment, online tutoring, forums, chats, wikis, etc.

Therefore, studying and working at the same time is no longer an impossible feat, and returning to the university after years outside of education will certainly be easier. On the page Educational offer you can find all the Degree courses activated by the Uninettuno to enroll and study at the faculties of Economics, Law, Engineering, Literature, Psychology, and Communication Sciences.

With the Uninettuno, the graduating is more convenient… even at 50 years old!


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