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Management Engineering

The design of the second-cycle degree course in Management Engineering aims at preparing professionals, who are able to take strategic and technical and operational decisions. In particular, the graduates should be able to: design and manage business models and organisational structures, design the development of new products/services, implement financial choices for further development, etc. in order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises and organisations operating in contexts characterised by high innovation and technological and market complexity.

The project of the second-cycle degree course was developed with the objective of forming a graduate prepared from two sides: technological side, and economic and managerial one, based on the current three-year degree course in Management Engineering that is composed of two study paths: the economic path and the path oriented to the production processes.

For this reason the curriculum was structured through a proper balance of the teachings related to the thematic areas of industrial production and its multiple branches, providing the graduate specialist in Engineering with general knowledge, as well as with highly specialised skills both in the field of economics and management and in the field of production systems, with particular attention to the management and control of highly innovative processes.

In this way, it is built a training project based on the different needs expressed by the market and related to the technological progress, innovation and globalisation of the economy.

Second-Cycle Degree Courses

Management Engineering
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