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Cognitive Processes and Technologies (Academic Year 2022/2023) - Neurosciences (in partnership con la Berlin School of Business and Innovation - BSBI)

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Specific objectives of the course

Curriculum (A.Y. 2022/2023)  

1st Year

CourseECTSLanguageVideo professorsProfessorTutor
Social Psychology of Web-Based Relationships
    - Sector: M-PSI/05
   - Area: -
Ileana Di Pomponio
Ricercatore Uninettuno M-PSI /03
Athanasia Kairou
Data Science
    - Sector: M-PSI /03
   - Area: -
Prof. Ilaria Simonelli
( - )
Prof. Valentina Panetta
( - )
Valentina Panetta
Docente a contratto M-PSI/03
Farshad Badie