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Technical Requirements

The portal has been created in such a way as to offer maximum compatibility with the most commonly used systems available for students, teachers, tutors and any other possible users of the program. Tests have been conducted on the most common platforms (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) and on the principal browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

The code used conforms to the standards of W3C:

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
Valid CSS!

The hardware and software requirements are minimal and are generally fulfilled by a normal system designed for home use; the software used, which is distributed under different licence types but in any case is available free of charge, can be dowloaded from the sites of the respective companies that produce the software.In order to make the most of the multimedia contents present and of the tutoring online services, it is necessary:

  • to have a connection to the Internet. For optimum use an ADSL connection is suggested.
  • to have installed on one's own system one of the principal browsers available, for example: Microsoft Edge (available at the following address:, Mozilla Firefox (available at the following address:, Google Chrome (available at the following address:
    Note: Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 is not supported, furthermore Internet Explorer does not allow access to Office 365.
  • to have installed the last available release of Adobe Flash Player in order to play videolessons and on-demand virtual classrooms encoded in MP4/H.264; the last version is available free of charge at the address; with MP4/H.264 videolessons Linux, OSX and new generation tablet/smartphone users will use all the functionality (indexing, bookmarking) of UTIU videolessons;
  • On the Linux platform it is possibile to access films in streaming by installing the proper codec on one's own mutimedia player of choice.
  • to have installed on one's own system the software Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view materials in pdf format. This software is available free of charge at the following address:
  • have installed the Teams application.
  • In order to configure UNINETTUNO email system for students a how-to guide is available