Exam Guide

Procedure for admission to the exam:

Students who have followed the study programme as set by the International Telematic University Uninettuno will be allowed to sit the exam.

The following are the evaluation criteria for admission to the exam:

  1. a) The overall quantitative result (evalutation and statistics) tracing the student’s activity in the Didactic Cyberspace (number of access times connecting to the Video and Media Library, the number of exercises completed and the corresponding averages of the evaluations/self-evaluations)
  2. b) the qualitative evaluation on the part of the tutor of the synchronic activities done by the individual student during the tutoring (using the telephone, chat, video-chat and video and audio- conferencing systems)
  3. c) the qualitative evaluation on the part of the tutor of the diachronic activities done by the individual student during the tutoring (e mail, discussion Forums)

Procedure for reserving a place for the exam on line:

The student can reserve a place for the exam on line by following a few simple procedures:

  • Contact the Administrative Secretariat at the following address: http://uninettuno.esse3.cineca.it/Start.do
  • Insert username and password received at the moment of enrolment.
  • In the Student Area choose the link “Exams” and then the link “Exam Sessions”. The exams for which a place can be reserved on line will appear.
  • A graphic icon will give you access to all of the information corresponding to the chosen exam session through a guided reservation system.

Documents for the exam:

In order to sit the exam it is necessary to provide proof of identity with an official document along with the necessary documentation showing that the exam fees have been paid.

System for assigning marks for the exam:

The final mark of the exam will be based on both the qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the student’s participation in the programme of study as prescribed by the International Telematic University Uninettuno and the results of the final exam in attendance.

Putting the exam on record and communicating the results:

The results of the oral examination will be communicated and put on record at the end of the exam. The student will then be able to consult these results on the electronic notice board that is available at the Administrative Secretariat(http://uninettuno.esse3.cineca.it/Start.do).

As far as the written exams are concerned, the results will be published on the electronic notice board, allowing time for the correction of the papers. The date of publication of the results will be communicated by the tutor of the class through the Agenda. .

Each tutor will see to putting the exam mark on record after 15 working days from the publication of the results.

Within that period the student that wishes to refuse the mark is obliged to do so by communicating via mail to the tutor of his/her class. In such a case, the mark will not be put on record.

The student that has not passed the exam may resit the same exam at the next exam session.