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Communication Sciences

The three-year degree course in Communication Sciences leads students in the acquisition of a sound theoretical-cultural and technical-practical training in an environment that, today, is characterized by a deep and continuous change due to the exponential growth of the processes of digitalization, which involves strategies, forms and communication languages, that are going to redesign the profile of the professions of communicators and affecting the economic dynamics.

The course trains graduates qualified to operate in the various sectors of communication, both in public and private settings, and in institutions, associations, agencies, businesses, publishing houses, newspapers, advertising agencies, communication agencies and that organize cultural events.

The general structure of this study path draws on the disciplines of the humanities area and on disciplines of the sociological and mass-mediology area, enlarging the educational project according to an interdisciplinary and knowledge mutual integration perspective.

The path is divided in two tracks: Public Institutions and Digital Media and Digital Corporate Communication and it is based on fair balance between disciplines having a largely theoretical character through which the students will be able to acquire tools of analysis and contextualization of communication, media and, in general, cultural phenomena related to the multiplicity of languages and products of communication (Visual Storytelling, General Semiotics, Media Semiotics, Visual Arts and Technologies, etc.), and an overview of disciplines with a stronger technical-operational dimension (Advertising, Brand Design, Elements of Marketing, Lobbying Processes, Information Architecture, etc.). The latter, in fact, allow developing practical and creative skills in various areas of communication, with particular attention to the new professions of digital communication. The course is completed by writing laboratories and workshops related to these professions, in which the interactive dimension of the UNINETTUNO teaching model finds a wide range of applications.

Employment and professional opportunities envisaged for the graduates (Decrees on Classes, Art. 3, paragraph 7)

The graduates will be able to find a job in the organizations and companies working in creative-production industries, in fields devoted to marketing, branding, advertising and content management of companies and public and private institutions. In particular, they will be able to find a job in the entertainment and edutainment industry, in the publishing, advertising and marketing industry, in cinema-television companies and in the audiovisuals sectors, in general. Other professional prospects can be represented by positions in public boards and private companies dealing with the organization of cultural events and activities.

The course supplies a training to get a job as

  • Content editor in the media industry
  • Texts editor
  • Television producer and author
  • Author and editor of advertising texts
  • Expert in multimedia communication
  • Public relation officer
  • Audiovisual communication operator
  • Brand content manager
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Content manager
  • Event organizer

Three-year Degree Course

Regulations of the Study Course
Re-exam Team

Technical and Course of Study Tutor

Tutor of the Study Course
- David Gargani                            
Technical Tutor
- Letizia Flamini                              

- Alessandro Caforio