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11/19/2019 WORLD TELEVSION DAY "ERA LA RAI”: the story of RAI told by its protagonists. The new TV program by UNINETTUNO

On the 21st November, on the occasion of 2019 World Television Day, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO presents the television program entitled: “Era la Rai. Alle Origini del Servizio Pubblico (It was RAI. At the Origins of the Public Service)”, designed and supervised by Lilli Fabiani and realized by the UNINETTUNO University. The event will be held on Thursday the 21st , at 12:00 am, at the University’s Conference Hall (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39 – Rome - Italy). An opportunity to reflect, all together, on the role played by RAI in the cultural growth of our Country. 

10/10/2019 CALCIO – EDUCAZIONE - CULTURA IL PROGETTO CHE UNISCE DUE MONDI: SPORT & FORMAZIONE In occasione della conferenza stampa di giovedì 10 ottobre, che si svolge presso la Sala Conferenze dello Stadio Olimpico di Roma, vengono presentate ufficialmente le attività relative al progetto “CALCIO – EDUCAZIONE - CULTURA”, nell’ambito dell’iniziativa “Scuola di Formazione Post Carriera S.S.Lazio Settore Giovanile e Squadra Femminile”, creata dalla S.S. Lazio in collaborazione con l’Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.
23-9/27/2019 UNINETTUNO porta a Roma gli studenti dal mondo per scoprire il valore e l’anima del Made in Italy con il “MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management”

Aprire le porte all'internazionalizzazione,per fornire ai giovani nuovi stimoli e competenze nel settore della Moda e del Luxury Management. Scoprire il valore e l’anima del Made in Italy attraverso una vera e propria full immersion nella cultura, nell’arte e nella storia della moda italiana: questa è la nuova iniziativa lanciata dall'Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO, che dal 23 al 27 settembre, accoglie per la prima volta a Roma studenti internazionali, provenienti da Grecia, India, Azerbaigian e Pakistan, iscritti al Master in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management.

7/31/2019 FOOTBALL – EDUCATION – CULTURE Jointly building your future. A great educational project presented by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and the Lazio Sport Society

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and the Lazio Sport Association announce the birth of a collaboration, a national exclusivity for the S.S. Lazio, of the first “Post-Career Training School of S.S. Lazio – Youth Sector and Women’s Team”.This project is meant to give an answer to the problem met by all those who practice sport at a competitive level: namely that of facing the critical phase following their pulling back, once they have finished their career. Actually, only in a few cases, the former athletes succeed in joining their team’s managerial staff; on the contrary, several among them lose themselves and become only old stars. 

7/25/2019 "The truth and drama of immigration and wars” An exclusive account by Roberto Saviano on UNINETTUNOUNIVERSITY.TV channel aired on Saturday July the 27th at 9 pm and re-run further on With the strength of his touching and profound words that are not afraid of any censorships and that, relentlessly, tell the truth, Roberto Saviano speaks about the drama of wars and migration in an exclusive video for the digital channel of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (UninettunoUniversity.Tv). 
7/4/2019 Getting ready for the social society challenges UNINETTUNO, the University of the XXI Century, creates digital skills for the new labor markets
From Big Data to Cybersecurity, from the Neurosciences to Cyberpsycology: kick-off for the new Degree and Master’s Courses of 2019/2020 Acad. Year to develop the professional skills of the future.The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO has been developing withing a more and more globalized world, making of the use of the new technologies and of the outcomes of the related psycho-pedagogic research work, the tools on which to found an excellence-level distance teaching model, acknowledged by the international scientific community. 
6/18/2019 “5G. The New Frontiers of Communication” At the center of the debate with the new UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talk If the spreading of 5G, (the fifth-generation mobile connectivity), is bound to change the world affecting all fields of life, communication, work, production, which will be the benefits and which will be the risks connected to it? In order to analyze and understand the meaning of this big change, identified by all stakeholders as a true revolution, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO launches its new Digital Talk whose title is ”5G: The New Frontiers of Communication”, taking place on Wednesday, the 19th June, at 5 pm, at the University’s Multimedia Hall, (Piazza Grazioli, 17- Rome).
5/27/2019 Internet of Things: European Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions. UNINETTUNO presents the results of the “Internet of Things for European Small and Medium Enterprises – IoT4SMEs” Project
The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO launched the results of the IoT4SMEs – Internet of Things for European Small and Medium Enterprises - European Project. If, by now, the Internet of Things marks a decisive shift for the development of the digital society, how can the new IoT applications, associated to the birth of new professional profiles, promote employment and boost the growth of the European businesses? Experts and researchers answered these questions during the final meeting of the project “Internet of Things for European Small and Medium Enterprises – IoT4SMEs”, organized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, that was held on Monday, the 27th May in Rome, at the University’s Multimedia Hall (Piazza Grazioli 17, Rome).
5/15/2019 “The Digital Paths of the Silk Road”: The New Digital Talk of UNINETTUNO How will China’s “One Belt, One Road” infrastructural strategic plan affect the global economy’s scenario? And how the relationships with Italy, not only the economic ones, will change and will be strengthened thanks to the spreading of the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? During the new UNINETTUNO Digital Talk, entitled "The Digital Paths of the Silk Road – One Belt, One Road”, organized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, that will be held on May the 15th, at 5 pm, at UNINETTUNO Multimedia Hall (Piazza Grazioli, 17) some experts and academicians will answer these and other questions.
3/20/2019 Youths versus experts to speak about “Virtual communities and real communities” in the latest Uninettuno Digital Talk What is the relationship between youths and the Web? Flavia, Celeste and Giulia, three very young students aged 19, 15 and 12, invited by UNINETTUNO to debate, for the first time, with experts and accademicians, during the new Digital Talk entitled "Virtual Communities and Real Communities", that will be held in Rome, on Wednesday March the 20th, at 5 pm in the University’s Multimedia Hall (Piazza Grazioli, 17). 

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