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Getting ready for the social society challengesUNINETTUNO, the University of the XXI Century, creates digital skills for the new labor markets


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From Big Data to Cybersecurity, from the Neurosciences to Cyberpsycology: kick-off for the new Degree and Master’s Courses of 2019/2020 Acad. Year to develop the professional skills of the future.The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO has been developing withing a more and more globalized world, making of the use of the new technologies and of the outcomes of the related psycho-pedagogic research work, the tools on which to found an excellence-level distance teaching model, acknowledged by the international scientific community. 
In a university without temporal and geographical boundaries, innovation meets the demands of a constantly evolving society, by delivering, 24 hours a day, educational and academic contents that are produced thanks to the support of researchers, academicians and lecturers coming from the best Italian and foreign Universities. Skills, souls and different cultures gave origin to an international network of interconnected minds.At present, 22,000 students coming from 167 countries worldwide, study through the Internet, on UNINETTUNO’s e-learning platform, available in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, Arabic and Greek) and on the television channel: (watchable for free on the channels  Sky 812 and 701 of the platform Tivùsat of the RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana).The psycho-pedagogic model, designed by the Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, allows the students to access the Didactic Cyberspace, where the students find lessons that were digitized by issue and linked to books, articles, interactive exercises, bibliographical reference and webographies; the teachers constantly support their learning processes through forums and interactive classrooms. 
“An educational offer meeting the employment needs of the technological society in which we live, which is also aimed at creating new skills and, consequently, new employment opportunities targeted to young people, as well as to all those, who even if already part of the labor market, have to acquire the digital knowledge that is constantly changing the production processes” – the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, states - “Any profession, any craft – she goes on – today cannot do without the digital skills that affect the whole labor market of the XXI Century, a globalized and interconnected world. It is with this aim that we designed the curricula of the new three-year degrees, second-level and master’s degrees. Curricula, actually, that are characterized by disciplines and contents linked to the issue of innovation at global level. With the UNINETTUNO University, we have always been trying to live the present while building the bases to live the a successful future”.
With 31 Degree Courses, 20 Master’s Courses and 6 Faculties, the University gives his students, among its several offers, the new three-year Degree Courses in “Cultural Heritages and Digital Memory”, of the Cultural Heritage Faculty and “Law of the Digital Society” of the Law Faculty; second-level Degree Courses in: “Business Management and Digital Technologies”, path in Economics focused on Digital Economy; the paths on Big Data and Cybersecurity in Computer Engineering; Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Energy Systems in Management and Civil Engineering. 
The Faculty of Communication Sciences too renews its paths in “Public Institutions and Digital Media” and “Digital Corporate Communication”; “Neurosciences” and “Cyberpsychology” of the Psychology Faculty.
There are big news for the Master’s Courses too: starting from September in “Applied Archaeological Sciences”, realized in cooperation with the Humanities Sciences Faculty and the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the Aegean University, with thematic focuses on archeometry, digital archeology and on cyberarcheology; in “Applied Sport Performances” aiming at training coaches and athletes in various sport disciplines, realized in cooperation with Michael Clegg (former professional player with Manchester United) and Adrian Lamb (former fitness coach with Aston Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle United and Leicester City FC). This highly specializing path, that will run starting from October 2019, will allow the enrolled students to put into practice what they learnt spending a study period in Manchester and in other cities worldwide.