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Introduction to the 2020 e-World Marketing Summit
by the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
Prof. Maria Amata Garito

The 6th and 7th November represent a very important time for our University. Two organizations such as the Kotler Impact Foundation, which has among its aims that of spreading marketing and sustainable marketing culture, and the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO , which aims at utilizing the Internet to democratize the access to knowledge, allied to jointly create the e-World Marketing Summit 2020, an event of great importance worldwide devoted to strategic marketing, realized by the University in cooperation with the Philip Kotler Foundation, father of digital marketing.

Since their origins, these two Institutions, when the Internet was in the beginning, dared to create a new marketing model, Digital Marketing, and a new model of University, the “UNINETTUNO Digital University”. Both these Institutions dared to re-invent themselves using the Internet, the most powerful platform in the world’s history that enables to accelerate innovation, distribution and creativity processes and, above all, to unite, in the Internet’s global arena, people, knowledge and skills at a global level. For centuries, on earth, we built, destroyed and re-built separated worlds, frontiers and borders aimed at protecting what we deemed precious and unfading. Today, the globalized and interconnected world is part of life and of the political, economic, social and cultural framework. It is a fact that challenges our balances, our certainties, our freedoms and this is the reason why we all have to work to jointly create quality-level contents, to connects minds and jointly create knowledge networks allowing to educate and retrain the true immaterial capital of humankind: Knowledge and Competence.

We all agree on the fact that knowledge, competence and the know-how of everybody are the sources of all other riches and, today, using the Internet in a smart way can bring education in the homes of all citizens to enable them to acquire the tools they need to give a constructive contribution to the changes imposed by technological innovation. They help them to find solutions to the complex problems that humankind is facing.

The realization of a global network for higher education in which lecturers and students of different places across the world take part in the collaborative construction of knowledge is no utopia, but can bring to the Universities new vitality and help them to become the protagonists of the networked global economy. By now, thanks to the Internet, the new places to access knowledge can be everywhere: on a PC, on smartphones, on tablets and anybody can access knowledge with no space and time limits. Creating a global network where the most important Universities across the world can store and spread contents produced by their best lecturers to which students from different places of the globe can access to study them should be the political objective of all governments of the world. Enriching with knowledge and learning humankind is a true asset for a globalized and interconnected world. It is on this basis that the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO was born and since its origin, we have always been engaged in cooperating with universities of various countries of the world in order to build a network of Universities on the Internet, made up of technologies and related psycho-pedagogic models, but, above  all people, of minds capable of connecting their own knowledge while respecting cultural, political, religious and economic differences. In the virtual spaces of the Internet, lecturers and students of different places across the world cooperate in building shared knowledge networks enabling to enrich study programs with contents belonging to the history and culture of different countries, to interconnect minds and jointly create new knowledge.

What happens on the 6th and 7th November in the Internet-based learning environments of the UNINETTUNO’s platform is a further confirmation of how the commitment of the UNINETTUNO University to realize, since its birth, a new psycho-pedagogic e-learning model allowing for a close cooperation with different Universities across the world has been a successful choice. The alliances for knowledge allowed to jointly develop contents in many languages in our Didactic Cyberspace, a virtual global space where everybody finds forms of expression fit to spread knowledge while respecting differences.

I was very happy when Prof. Philip Kotler, a guru of digital marketing, chose our University to jointly realize the World Marketing Summit 2020, the most important digital event at global level which is devoted to strategic marketing and organized by the UNINETTUNO University in cooperation with the Kotler Foundation. The event, which will take place during a 48-hour live streaming to cover all time zones of the world, will be broadcasted by the e-learning platform of the UNINETTUNO University in five languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese), based on an innovative format to make the user’s experience unique thanks to the technological solutions developed by UNINETTUNO.

Among the protagonists there will be over 80 speakers including lecturers of the most renowned universities across the world, top managers of important multinationals, experts of sustainable economy and political personalities coming from several countries: United States, Latin America, South America, Africa, Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Arab Emirates, South Africa and many others.

Over 30 thousand delegates have registered in the event:  “Among the topics that will be treated there will be the question of sustainable economy based on a new paradigm putting the human being and his relations at the center of the market, community values and technological innovation as a redemption tool from an economy which is exclusively based on profit at any costs” Philip Kotler.
Philip Kotler will introduce the event with an opening lecture in which he will define the role of marketing in  the year of the global emergency; he will be followed by speeches delivered by experts who will present their theories and who will discuss about the management of the crisis in the post-Covid era.

Prof. Kotler, already in the month of September 2019, after having realized a video lessons in our studios in Rome and having learnt about our e-Learning model and the values inspiring our University, decided to cooperate with us to realize this important worldwide event. Thanks to this event, we jointly created true knowledge alliances in which lecturers and experts of many places around the world communicate through our interactive platform in the respect of their mutual cultural and thinking differences on a common issue: the future of the world economy led by technological innovation.

This Summit has also the objective of creating competences that are useful in the global labor market and of supporting the citizens of a globalized and interconnected world to make them get aware of how it is possible to create a better world through knowledge. Never before as in this hard time for humankind it is essential to have the opportunity of using the Internet as an important connection tool interrelating the minds of people living in different parts of the world and working on a local as well as on a global level. Thanks to the potentials of the Web, all the citizens of the world can benefit from the contents spread by this Summit to acquire knowledge related to issues such as the world economy led by technological innovation and get a deeper insight and understand how all of us can engage in transforming the global crisis of the Covid-19 pandemics into new opportunities and be able to face the hard future in front of us in balanced and skillful way.

Maria Amata Garito