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Introduction to the 2020 e-World Marketing Summit
by the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
Prof. Maria Amata Garito

November 6th and 7th represent a very important moment for our university, two realities:
Kotler Impact founded by Prof. Philip Kotler, universally recognized as the father of modern marketing, aiming at spreading the culture of marketing and sustainable economy, and the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, which has as its goal to use the Internet to democratize access to knowledge, they teamed up to create together E-World Marketing Summit 2020, the most important event in the world dedicated to strategic marketing.

These two innovative Institutions, since their birth, had the courage to create a new marketing model, Modern Marketing based on digital technologies, and a new University model, the UNINETTUNO “Digital University”. Both institutions had the courage to reinvent themselves using the Internet, the most powerful platform in the history of the world, which allows to accelerate the processes of innovation, distribution, creativity and above all to bring together people, knowledge and skills at a global level. For centuries on earth we have built, destroyed and rebuilt separate worlds and borders aimed at defending what we believed to be precious and incorruptible.

Today, the globalized and interconnected world is part of our life and of our political, economic, social and cultural sphere. This is a new phenomenon which calls into question our equilibrium, our securities, our freedoms; for this we must all work to create quality content together, to connect intelligences and create networks of knowledge together that allow us to train and upgrade the true intangible capital of humanity: Knowledge and Expertise. We all agree that knowledge, skills and know-how of every man are the sources of all successes and progresses, and today the intelligent use of the Internet can bring knowledge into the homes of all citizens, allowing them to participate constructively in the changes imposed by technological innovations and help them find solutions to the complex problems of humanity.

The creation of a global network for higher education in which teachers and students from different parts of the world participate in the collaborative construction of knowledge is not a utopia, but it can bring new vitality to universities and can help them become protagonists of global reticular economy. Now, with the Internet, new spaces for access to knowledge can be anywhere: on the computer, on smartphones, on tablets, anyone can access knowledge with no limits of space, time and place. Creating a global network, where the most important universities in the world can deposit and distribute content created by their best teachers, that students from different realities of the planet can access to study, should be a political goal of all governments in the world.

Enriching humanity with knowledge is the true resource of the globalized and interconnected world. It is on this basis that the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO was born; since its inception we have tried to collaborate with universities in different countries of the world to create on the Internet a network of universities made not just of technologies and psycho-pedagogical models connected to them, but especially of people, of intelligences that know how to connect their knowledge in respect of cultural, political, religious and economic differences. In the virtual spaces of the internet, teachers and students from different parts of the world collaborate to build common networks of knowledge that make it possible to enrich curricula with contents that belong to the history and culture of different countries, to interconnect intelligences and to create new knowledge together.

What happens on 6 and 7 November in the UNINETTUNO learning environments is a further confirmation of how the commitment of the UNINETTUNO University to create, since its birth, a psycho-pedagogical model of e-learning allowing close collaboration with various universities around the world was a winning choice. The alliances for knowledge have made it possible to develop contents in different languages together in the didactic cyberspace, a global virtual space where everyone finds adequate expressive forms to communicate knowledge while respecting differences.

I was really very happy when Prof. Philip Kotler and Sadia Kibria CEO of World Maketing Summit Group has chosen our University to create together the world event the eWorld Marketing Summit 2020, the most important digital event in the world dedicated to strategic marketing, organized by the UNINETTUNO University in collaboration with the foundation Kotler. The event, which will be held with a 48-hour live streaming to cover all time zones in the world, will be broadcast by the UNINETTUNO University e-learning platform in five languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese), with an innovative format designed to make the user experience unique thanks to the technological solutions developed by UNINETTUNO.

The protagonists will be over 80 speakers including professors from the most prestigious universities globally, top managers of major multinationals, experts in sustainable economics and political figures from different countries: United States, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Japan, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and many more. More than 30,000 delegates signed up for the event.

The topics covered will concern the theme of a sustainable economy based on a new paradigm that places human beings and their relationships at the center of the market, community values and technological innovation as a means of redemption from an exclusively based economy. on profit at any cost.
Philip Kotler will open the event with an opening lecture that will define the role of marketing in a year of international emergency; the interventions of experts who will present their theories and will focus on crisis management in the post Covid era will follow.

Prof. Kotler and Sadia Kibria already visited UNINETTUNO University in September 2019 during their vistit in Rome.
After having realized his videolesson in our STUDIOS and after being introduced to our e-learning model and the values that inspire our University, wanted to collaborate with us to create this important world event. With this event, together we have created real alliances for knowledge, where teachers and experts from
different parts of the world communicate with our interactive platform, respecting their cultural and thought differences, on a common theme: the future of the economy world driven by technological innovation.

This Summit also aims to create relevant skills for the global labour market, and to help citizens of a globalized and interconnected world understand how a better world can be created through knowledge. Never as in this difficult time for humanity it is very important to have the ability to use the Internet as a tool that interconnects the intelligences of different parts of the world that operate locally but at the same time act globally. Thanks to the potential of the network, all citizens of the world can take advantage of the contents transmitted by this Summit to acquire skills related to the themes of the world economy driven by technological innovation, and to know better and understand how we can all commit ourselves to transform the global crisis of Covid19 pandemic in new opportunities to face the difficult future that awaits us with balance and competence.

Maria Amata Garito