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UNINETTUNO brings students of from all over the world in Rome to find out the value and soul of “Made in Italy” with the “MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management”


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Opening the doors to internationalization to offer young people new motivations and skills in the field of fashion and luxury management. Discovering the value and soul of the “Made-in-Italy” thanks to a true full immersion into the culture, art and history of the Italian fashion: this is the new initiative launched by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, that, from the 23rd to the 27th September, hosts, for the first time in Rome, international students coming from Greece, India, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, enrolled in the Master’s Course in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management.
These students, selected among the best partners of the program of the “London College of Contemporary Arts – LCCA” and of the “Berlin School of Business and Innovation – BSBI”, will be led by academicians and experts of the University to deepen some of the main study subjects characterizing the innovative first-level master’s course, developed by UNINETTUNO – BSBI.  
“Our University keeps on working to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, uniting different worlds and cultures. Today, in the very heart of Rome, for the first time, an initiative aimed at highlighting an Italian excellence and the great value of the “Made-in-Italy” starts. I wish that this full immersion into the culture, history and art of the Italian fashion will represent for these students a deep enrichment for their life and encouragement to develop suitable professional skills that will facilitate their access into the new labor markets”.  With these words, UNINETTUNO’s Rector, Maria Amata Garito, welcomed this international group. A welcoming address in which a drive towards innovation and valorization of diversities on which UNINETTUNO’s mission is based.
Where was the history of an Italian brand born and how does it grows and affirms itself across the world? How to manage the various phases comprised in the production chain of a luxury brand? How you calculate its value and relative assurance risk? These are only some of the issues of the keynote addresses that will be treated, jointly with the students, by the outstanding lecturers engaged by UNINETTUNO: Alessandra Capua, head of Willis Towers Watson Fine Art; Jewelry and Specie Division; Rosa Gambino, director of Fashion and Luxury of SuperHumans; Anna Villari, associate professor of museology, visual arts and technologies at UNINETTUNO.  
Culture, luxury and fashion are fields complementing one another making the essence of the “Made-in-Italy” unique and that UNINETTUNO decided to transmit to its students. Actually, the University, in cooperation with FENDI, organized a guided tour on Wednesday the 25th to the prestigious premises of the “Palazzo delle Civiltà” in the EUR area: an essay on the history of this brand in the astounding rooms of this historical palace, being accompanied by “master-artisans” who spread the value of the “Made in Italy” with their commitment. On Thursday the 26th September, in cooperation with BULGARI, the students will visit the exhibition “La storia, il sogno”, held in two renowned museums of the Eternal City: Castel Sant’Angelo and Palazzo Venezia. The “MA in Fashion Retail and Luxury Management” Week will end on Friday the 27th September, with a prize awarding ceremony held at the head office of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO during which the Rector will deliver the students their diploma in recognition of their commitment as well as a precious souvenir of this experience. 
With over 20,000 students coming form 167 countries and a multilingual e-learning platform (available in Italian, English, French, Greek and Arabic), today UNINETTUNO is a global university: its students are citizens of the world.