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Media releases March 2006

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3/14/2006 Un nouvel espace culturel entre l’Italie – Europe et le monde arabe naît L’accord entre l’Université UNINETTUNO et le Gouvernement du Maroc signé.
Le premier pôle technologique pour la formation à distance inauguré à Rabat.
Dix mille jeunes arabes, les premiers inscrits aux cours, qui recevront un titre d’étude reconnu en Italie et en Europe.
3/7/2006 From Europe to the Arab world, one great Euro.mediterranean university starting from Italy and providing for academic and after-university titlesInternational Telematic University UNINETTUNO One great university where the most well-known teachers in the European and mediterranean universities teach in different faculties: from Engineering to Philosophy, from Preservaton of Cultural Goods to Law and Economics. European and Arab teachers co-operating for the creation of one international pole of Knowledge. A dream coming true, thanks to new technologies and to International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, created by the Italian Minister of Education with the decree of 15th April 2005
3/7/2006 The distance University “Anywhere you are” speaks 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, ArabicFrom Med Net’U – Mediterranean Network of Universities- to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO In more than ten years of activity, NETTUNO – Network for University Anywhere, the first television and telematic university in Europe, could spread its own mixed didactical model at an international level, wich bacame a landmark for important University and Governmental institutionsin European and Mediterranean countries.
3/7/2006 Agreement for the professional education of young peopleThe first Technological Pole of UNINETTUNO International Telematic University is born in Morocco The initiative is bound to build a real intercultural dialogue with the Arab world It will grant academic titles recognized in Italy and Europe
International Telematic University UNINETTUNO created the first Multimidial Technological Pole in Morocco, in the office of of the Minister of High Professional Education.

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