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Media releases November 2006

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11/17/2006 The world meeting on the issue of Nuclear and Alternative Energy will be broadcast in three languages on RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 channel Thanks to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO the Summit of the Nobel Prize Laureates will be aired on the Mediterranean TVs The Rector Prof. Garito: “From Rifkin to Gorbachev, the sustainable development will be explained to all citizens of the Mare Nostrum: an example of Television that creates positive models and values” The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will broadcast on its satellite television channel Rai NETTUNO Sat 1, the World Summit of the Nobel Prize Laureates, that is taking place in Rome, in Campidoglio, from the 17th to the 19th November. It will be possible to consult the programme broadcasting schedule on the University Internet site, the first didactic portal in the world in 4 languages: Italian, Arabic, French and English.

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