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From Europe to the Arab world, one great Euro.mediterranean university starting from Italy and providing for academic and after-university titlesInternational Telematic University UNINETTUNO


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One great university where the most well-known teachers in the European and mediterranean universities teach in different faculties: from Engineering to Philosophy, from Preservaton of Cultural Goods to Law and Economics. European and Arab teachers co-operating for the creation of one international pole of Knowledge. A dream coming true, thanks to new technologies and to International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, created by the Italian Minister of Education with the decree of 15th April 2005.
“This is an ambitious projects which goes back to the Middle Ages concept of university”, said the Rector Maria Amata GARITO, “in the Middle Ages, infact the new academic culture was born. A cross-road of time and space when the knowledge went out from the amanuenses’ hands and passed to the students’ and teachers’ associations born around the first universities. Then the students faced long journeys, moving among the best universities in order to attend the Great Professors’ lessons”.
Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, the distances aren’t a problem anymore for the knowledge spread and cultural excanges are the compulsory step for the new professional figures. “Thanks to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, born from the collaboration among the best universities in Europe and in the Arab world”, continued Prof. Maria Amata GARITO, “Middle-Western students can study and comprehend our culture, European students can come to know the best teahcing methods in the Arab academic culture, both of them free from prejudices, but with the only aim of increasing and enlarging their knowledge”.
The new International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is born with this spirit: spreading knowledge and allowing any student, with few necessary technological instruments, to attend the best courses available in Europe and in the Mediterranean countries.
Many steps lead to such an ambitious project. In the beginning, the success of the teaching system of NETTUNO Society- Network for University Anywhere: thousands Italian and foreign students graduated with it, by using modern technologies, from internet to satellite TV, getting the title directly from the Italian University part of the Society; then the international success of Med Net’U project- Mediterranean Network of Universities, funded by the European Union, which created a network among 31 universities in 11 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
The project partners, supported by their Governments, decided to go on with the Med Net’U project and with the knowledge internazionalization process, working together to bulid up the distance Euro-Mediterranean University. The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO aims at collaborating with the Med Net’U partners in order to realize degree courses, masters, and Professional Education courses recognized by Italian Government and by yhe Governments of the 13 countries that signed the “Catania declaration” in 29th January 2006.
“ With the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO”, concluded Prof. Maria Amata Garito, “the Universities of different countries are really creating shared networks of knowledge. Not just teachers and students move, ideas, thanks to the new technologies, move as well; we cross borders, we make culture and knowledge international. Universities move at open sky, with no edges,creat new balances between unity and diversity, unity of values and traditions that memory deliver to us and diversity of cultures and languages, distribute new knowlodge, but create new values as well”.
The main target of the new International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is developing the system of international distance university. To this aim agreements with countries of Western Europe, USA, South America and Africa will be reached.