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The distance University “Anywhere you are” speaks 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, ArabicFrom Med Net’U – Mediterranean Network of Universities- to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO


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In more than ten years of activity, NETTUNO – Network for University Anywhere, the first television and telematic university in Europe, could spread its own mixed didactical model at an international level, wich bacame a landmark for important University and Governmental institutionsin European and Mediterranean countries. It’s a success built on facts: 27 Degree courses, 42 technological poles and listening Centres, 568 didactical Modules, about 6,000 teachers and tutors, 25,000 hours of videolessons produced and broadcast every day on the satellite channels RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 e RAI NETTUNO SAT 2, and a didactical web site ( from which one can attend digital videolessons, practical exercises, virtual lab, linked texts, bibliographies, lists of sites selected by the teachers, and it is possible to have a telematic tutor 24h. Since 2003 NETTUNO, within the communitary program EUMEDIS, leads the Med Net’U project (Mediterranean Network of Universities), in collaboration with 31 partners in 11 countries in the Mediterranean area and in Europe, belonging to traditional universities, distance universities and beings for the continuous professional education. Presently Med Met’U is the only distance learning method including Arabic language as well.
After just two years of activity, the best teachers of the involved university created the first shared curriculum for the Degree course on Information Ingeneering and Mechanical Ingeneering, they realized videolessons and mltimedial materials for Internet in fine languages.
“Together with the Professors from all the Universities” said M.A. Garito, Chief Executive of NETTUNO Society and Rector of the Internetional Telematic University UNINETTUNO, “we project and produce the materials of the distance courses and together we choose the best teachers belonging to different Universities in the Arab world, in Italy, and in Europe in order to offer distance courses in Arabic, Italian, English, French, Spanish”. Starting from the academic year 2005/2006, all the partner University will be able to enroll their students to the courses of the new Internetional Telematic University UNINETTUNO,that will be broadcast on the TV channels RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 e RAI NETTUNO SAT 2 in Arabic, Italian, English, French.Students coming from different countries can profit by the didactical activities within the learning environment on the web site, the first one in the world in five languages, including Arabic, and they can choose to attend the distant course in their favourite language, with the halp of tutors coming from the partner University they chose. Today we pass from Med Net’U to the Internetional Telematic University UNINETTUNO, created with a Decree from the Ministry of Education, University and Research on the 15th April 2005, that can provide academic titles recognized in Italy and abroad. The Internetional Telematic University UNINETTUNO signed academic agreements with the Rectors of some of the most important Universities in the Arab world and in the Middle East belonging to countries such as Egypt (Cairo and Helwan Universities), Jordan ( Yarmouk University and Jordan University of Science and Technology) and Tunisia ( Virtual University of Tunis), and with the Ministry of Education of Morocco. The academic arrangements has been then ratified by their own governments with agreement memoranda. Thanks to the efforts of all the Governments of the involved countries, that signed Catania Declaration on the 29th January 2006 “Euromediterranean Space for High Education and Research”, the students enrolled to the courses of the Internetional Telematic University UNINETTUNO can get study titles recognized either in Italy and in Europe and in the Mediterranean countries.