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Demo Matriculation

The enrolment to University courses is carried out by means of our online procedure.
In order to access the matriculation procedure it is necessary to act as follows:

Step 1: Registration on the site

Enter the Administrative Secretariat that will allow you to enrol to the courses directly online.

Execute the new account registration through the system-guided procedure

At the end of the procedure the system will generate a username and a password to be used to access the restricted area.

Below you find a list of the data you will be asked to enter: *Personal Details *Addresses Residence and Domicile *Contact details: e-mail, fax, mobile number *Addresses Residence and Domicile

Personal Details

Addresses Residence and Domicile

Contact details: e-mail,fax, mobile number

Password Choice:

Summary User's Registration

Summary Credentials

Step 2: Login in the private area

Access the restricted area (menu item "login") of the Administrative Secretariat using the username and password generated by the enrolment procedure

Step 3: pre-registration procedure in the reserved area

Execute the online matriculation procedure entering the data that will be required.
Select the type of registration for the courses open access, and then select the item:
Fill out the form by entering the day of registration;
Print the enrollment application

Inserting of educational qualifications

Registration data

Step 4: Information on payment methods and confirmation before enrollment

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will acknowledge the enrolment sending an e-mail including the matriculation number, the USER ID and the Password to access the e-Learning platform.
Please note: it will take 24 hours for your accounts to be activated.


If you have any technical problem with the matriculation procedure, you can get in touch with the Student Secretariat by:

Dr. Tiziana Giovannelli
+39 06 692076.70
+39 06 692076.71
Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO
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Certified mail


Student Secretariat

tel: +39 06 692076.70
tel: +39 06 692076.71
e-mail: info@uninettunouniversity.net


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