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SLP Area IT and Digital Technologies

In the second last edition of the "Future of Jobs Report", the World Economic Forum highlighted how in the coming years we will see deep changes in the relationship between humans and machines. If in 2018, 29% of task hours were performed by machines, while the remaining 71% by humans, estimates for 2022 speak instead of a 42% for machines, and 58% for humans.

Also for these reasons, the World Economic Forum report underlines the great need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) profiles, and in particular for experts in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud technologies and Internet of Things.

A recent study by the Deloitte Foundation on the future of STEM skills, confirms the large gap between the skills required by the market and the availability of these skills among professionals and graduates.

The Short Learning Programs selected by UNINETTUNO for the ENEL Re-Generation initiative in the IT field will allow you to update and improve your technical-scientific skills, in line with market demands and social and technological innovations.

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