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SLP Area Digital Economy

Back in 2011, a report by Oxford Economics and PWC (The New Digital Economy) highlighted how companies were reorganizing to embrace the digital economy, moving away from hierarchical decision-making and toward a more organic, market-like network structure.

Since the last global financial crisis, investments in Fintech have been increasing. According to Deloitte (in its December 2020 report "Fintech | On the brink of further disruption") despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entered a new phase in the evolution of the financial technology industry, in which corporate organization and management, banking, financial and insurance institutions will be radically, and digitally, transformed.

The large-scale availability of big data (and the fact that banks no longer have a monopoly on that data) is leading to radical transformations (McKinsey Report "FinTechnicolor: The New Picture in Finance").

A recent survey carried out by Unioncamere-Anpal ("Impatti dell’emergenza Covid-19 sulle imprese e prospettive di ripresa rilevati attraverso il sistema informativo Excelsior (Impacts of the Covid-19 emergency on companies and prospects for recovery detected through the Excelsior information system)", July 2020) shows the interest of companies in the adoption of digital solutions for an innovative organization of work and relations with customers and suppliers; in the implementation of integrated digital networks also favored by a greater spread of the cloud, the spread of high-speed Internet and the introduction of IoT technologies. And a forecast of growing business investments in the use of Big Data, digital marketing, and more advanced customization of products/services.

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