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Linear Turns Circular - Fostering SMEs Circular Economy Transition

Global programme: Erasmus+
Specific programme: Erasmus+ 2021 - KA220-VET
Call: Cooperation partnerships in VET
Project number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000034893
Duration: 30 Months (2/1/2022 - 7/31/2024)
Project Manager: FHM
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Linda Meleo
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Serena Bernardini


The L2C project aims to train managers and leaders of SMEs on the circular economy, and to develop the necessary skills for a successful transition to CE by SMEs.


A look at the status quo of the circular economy (CE) in Europe shows that its contribution to climate and resource protection has so far been limited. Indeed, the development and rapid implementation of innovative circular economy models can significantly strengthen the already promising CE trends in Europe and help guarantee the supply of raw materials. Numerous studies on SMEs have indicated the lack of in-house technical skills as an obstacle. According to a study conducted in several EU countries, CE courses in universities are mostly considered generic, not closely related to the main field of study programs, and the knowledge and skills of graduates and employees must therefore be integrated.
The L2C project therefore wants to develop the competences of SME leaders on the circular economy, and encourage SME managers to initiate change processes and to develop CE policies and action plans for their organizations.


The L2C project addresses the problems mentioned above aiming at the following objectives:
- encourage SME partners, leaders and managers, who are able to initiate and guide change processes, to develop CE policies and action plans for their organizations and to set examples that all SMEs can follow in their transition to sustainability;
-develop the skills of SME leaders necessary for a successful transition to CE;
- encourage their development as sustainability change agents and equip VET providers with ready-made learning structures and tools to support the adaptation of their training offer to the changing needs of SME leaders and staff skills in the area of Sustainable Development.


UNINETTUNO will be leader of PR3, and partner of PR1 and PR2.
Regarding the PR3:
The overall objective of the result is to encourage behavioral and organizational changes by preparing SME leaders to become true agents of change and successfully support the transition to CE. A short learning program will be provided to equip the target group with knowledge and skills to start implementing the transformation of CE in their organizations. SLP will consist of a skills framework and a set of modules for developing the essential skills.