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Level I Professional Master's Degree in Sustainable Architecture and Design

In collaboration with:

Berlin School of Business Innovation
Blended Delivery
Online + on campus at SOS(School of Sustainability Foundation)  in Milan

Founded by Mario Cucinella in 2015, the SOS Master's Program strives to bring together the knowledge, competencies and skills that Mario Cucinella Architects (MCA) has acquired over more than thirty years of professional practice in the global context, with the expertise of our partners in the fields of education, industry and research. Through its new approach and a visionary strategy, the program is conceived as an “Academy of Practice”, where students learn how to work by doing research and are prepared to tackle the environmental issues that are emerging globally.

Thanks to the collaboration with Uninettuno University, SOS School of Sustainability Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design takes a new shape for the 2024/2025 academic year becoming more accessible to young working professionals to reinvent the professional figures of architects and designers. Following the Uninettuno model of online teaching, students will access online video lessons, didactic material, live virtual classrooms, exercises, and discussion forums on the online Uninettuno platform. Online activities can be planned by the student, finding a balance for work, private life and study, while during the three months of on campus activities students will have the unique opportunity to study at the MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects Headquarters in Milan.

Degree Type: Level I Professional Master's Degree
Program:Sustainable Architecture and Design
Credits: 60 CFU/ECTS
Language: English
Intake: 2 intakes (September 2024 and January 2025)
Duration: 12 months
Format:blended (online + 4 months of project work at SOS campus in Milan within Mario Cucinella Architects Studio)
Issued by: UNINETTUNO International Telematic University.


“I think this planet needs design, creativity and architects to rethink the ways we address people’s needs and operate in the natural context” - Mario Cucinella
SOS School of Sustainability is a Future Factory, seeking to bring together young professionals, the leaders of tomorrow, with SOS faculty and partners, and their years of experience within the building sector, to form a hub for the exchange of ideas and visions.

SOS Level I Professional Master's Degree:

  • transmits a holistic comprehension of sustainability practices within the architecture and building field;
  • explores the application of sustainable architecture, from urban to product scale, from developing to advanced communities;
  • offers new cognitive and technical tools that will allow students to design products, spaces, buildings and systems capable of generating new forms of creative empathy;
  • provides hard skills through an innovative, visionary, human centered and practice-based approach to tackle environmental issues;
  • helps to establish a strong professional network for accessing quality job opportunities;
  • caters to young working professionals through an innovative blended format, combining online activities with hands on project work at the SOS campus in Milan.


The Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design consists of two phases which exemplify the SOS philosophy of bringing theory and practice together.

1st Phase

The first phase of the academic year is held online on UNINETTUNO's e-learning platform and runs from mid-September to mid-March (first intake) or from mid-January to mid-July (second intake) and features our Foundations Courses. Five courses that tackle the most effective and innovative sustainability practices within the building sector, designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills required to address the challenges of the future with an open-minded, holistic, research-driven, human-centered approach.

  • Foundations of Sustainability
  • Design for Circular Economy
  • Digital & Parametric Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Healthy Materials
2nd Phase

The second phase of the academic year will be held on campus within the SOS and MCA Headwquarters in Milan and is dedicated to our Project Track work. It runs for four months, from mid-March to mid-July (first intake) or from September to mid-December (second Intake), during which time students have the possibility of tackling new and diverse challenges related to sustainability implementing our innovative and research based SOS approach.

Through the Project Tracks, SOS students, divided into small groups, work on real and impactful projects in close collaboration with SOS Partner Companies and Institutions experiencing the entire life cycle of a given project. Giving students an experience within the top ranked MCA firm and the opportunity to work with high level project partners such as BMW Group, ARUP, Artemide, Unipol, Manni Group, Salvatore Ferragamo, IRIS Ceramica, Saib Spa and others.

Admission requirements

  • have completed a 3/4 year Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Design
  • have a minimum of a B2.1 Level in English
  • have a strong passion, motivation, commitment and the ambition to contribute to the spreading of the culture of sustainability

Application Process

Applications for the 2024/2025 academic year are now open! All SOS students are required to submit an application form on the SOS official website ( with the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Design Portfolio
  • Motivational Letter
  • Bachelor's Degree Diploma or Diploma Supplement

The SOS Admissions staff will then ask shortlisted students to sit for an aptitude interview with the school Director as the final phase of the application process.

SOS Faculty

The SOS School of Sustainability Faculty is made up of a variety of experts from the world of education, project management, research and industrial operations. All members bring different skills related to sustainability, climate change, de-carbonization, sustainable development agenda and the transition to a circular economy.
The SOS community includes architects, engineers, sociologists, anthropologists, artists and designers who, together with the students, can experiment with new design approaches and best practices in social inclusion.

Student Career Prospects

Thanks to the professional practices and the mentoring activities built into the curriculum, 88% of SOS students are hired by international firms, within two months after the end of the course. SOS Master’s Program in Sustainable Architecture and Design forges figures that are in great demand and highly competitive in architecture studios as well as in the field of consultancy in the corporations, institutions and the third sector.


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