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MA in Energy Management

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Description of the Course

The Master in Energy Management is a first-level master's program entirely in English, aiming to provide students with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of energetics, as well as specialized skills in the management and optimization of energy resources.
It offers a holistic approach that connects the technical and managerial aspects of the energy sector. Upon completion of the program, students will be ready to take on key roles in the sustainable management of energy resources, addressing challenges with competence and strategic vision.

What will you study?

The program includes a Basics of Energetics module, a fundamental introductory journey into the essential principles of energy, providing students with an in-depth understanding of the dynamics that govern our energy landscape. This theoretical knowledge will form the foundation upon which students will build increasingly advanced skills throughout the course of the program.

The Project Management module plays a crucial role in preparing students to lead and coordinate complex energy projects. Learning to plan, execute, and effectively control large-scale projects is essential in the dynamic and evolving context of the energy industry. The Energy Certification of Buildings module focuses on assessing the energy efficiency of buildings, a topic of growing importance in the perspective of sustainable resource management. Alongside this, the Complements of Technical Physics module enriches the scientific understanding of technical physics applied to energetics.

Safety and Construction Sites constitute a critical element, providing students with a comprehensive awareness of regulations and safety practices during the construction and management of energy facilities. With the Rational Energy Management and Regulation in the Energy module, students will gain practical insight into the rational management of energy resources, integrating regulatory knowledge that governs the sector.

Entry Requirements

Academic Qualifications 

Strong undergraduate degree from a recognised university.

Proof of English 

IELTS 6.0 (not less than 5.5 in any component), PTE 50 + score or equivalent.
The English proficiency test can be waived by the following candidates:

  • English native speakers
  • Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma, IB)
  • Applicants having completed their undergraduate degree in English in an English speaking country

Course Structure

This is a Master di Primo Livello, following the italian academic regulamentation.

It lasts 18 months for 90 ECTS.



Basics of Energetics


Project Management


Energy Certification of Buildings


Complements of Technical Physics


Safety and Construction Sites


Rational Energy Management and Regulation in the Energye




Project Work of Business Study Cases


Final Dissertation


Study Modality and Examination Regulation

The study modality of the program, and the examination regulation are available here.

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