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Computer Engineering

The second-cycle degree course in Computer Engineering aims at training engineers who have to acquire skills in the filed of design, engineering, development, operation, and maintenance of applications and computer systems, systems of information processing and complex information systems in order to be able to operate both in the context of industrial production and in the area of services for citizens and business.

The specific objective of the second-cycle degree course in Computer Engineering is to provide in-depth knowledge on:

  • processing systems architecture
  • software production and maintenance methodologies
  • infrastructures and network services
  • system design
  • data base management
  • applications in distributed environment
  • artificial intelligence systems and applications of industrial robotics
  • safety integrity management system
  • integration of the previous items in complex systems.

The curriculum provides a basic technical preparation in all main areas of Computer Engineering in order to enable a rapid adaptation to the different professional needs and fast content evolution. The second-cycle degree course allows the graduate to move towards one (or more) possible professional profiles listed below, characterizing a computer engineer.

The main career opportunities are available in the manufacturing and service companies, public and private organisations, large, medium or small enterprises, that operate in the sectors of advanced engineering, planning, programming and management of complex systems, product and process innovation.

In particular: hardware and software production, automation and robotics, information systems and computer networks, computer services for public administration, computer services for e-commerce and security.

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Computer Engineering
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