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This document integrates the statement already published in the website of the INTERNATIONAL TELEMATIC UNIVERSITY UNINETTUNO (hereafter referred to as UTIU) and is aimed at informing the students and the lecturers on the way their personal data will be treated in carrying on the distance exams and graduation sessions during the epidemic caused by COVID-19.

UTIU, as Holder of Treatment of personal data, communicates that, pursuant to the regulations issued to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic (Law-Decree of the 23rd February n°6, DPCM of the 8th March 2020, Note of MIUR, ref.: prot. n° 6932 of the 5th March 2020) face-to-face activities, teaching activities, exams and graduation sessions are carried on from remote.

In the case of the exams and graduation sessions UTIU must grant the above-mentioned publicity (Art. 43 del R.D. of the 4th June 1938 n° 1239 establishes that the exams and graduation or diploma awarding sessions are public acts) and, consequently, the distance modes must envisage collective sessions among professors and students, both those admitted to the exams and those enrolled in the relative study course who might be interested in attending the exam or the session.

The exams schedule is made public. The distance exams and graduation sessions are carried on in the Didactic Cyberspace, which is normally utilized for the teaching activities, to which the students and lecturers access by means of personal and confidential signing-in credentials. Specific interactive and audiovisual classes are created for each session.

Any candidate diagnosed with a specific learning disorder or with a certified disability is granted the delivery of distance exams and graduation sessions with the aid of the measures prescribed by the law while preserving confidentiality on their health conditions.

The student wishing to pass an exam remotely must prove his identity before the start of the exam or of the session, by showing a valid document using the video camera connected to his PC or by submitting a copy or picture of it to the lecturer through the UTIU’s electronic mailing system. In the case of submission of an identity document, the public session is temporarily suspended in order to keep the content of the document restricted to the lecturer and the student to be examined.  

The delivery of the distance exam and graduation sessions involves the treatment of the pictures and voice of the lecturers and of the students by computer-based tools and for the students event the treatment of the data included in their identity documents and in the e-mail sent to the Faculty Deanship’s Office, soon after the completion of the exam, including the decision to accept or not accept the exam grade communicated by the lecturer orally.

All these personal data are treated by UTIU in the exclusive purpose of delivering the distance exams and it is not necessary to collect the consent of the concerned people since these acts are required to fulfill the legal obligations related to the COVID-19 epidemic and to perform a task of public interest related to the exercise of public powers for which it is responsible since it is a non-state telematics university, authorized as per the Min. Decree of the 17/04/2003, to deliver academic titles in accordance with art. 3 of the Min. Decree of the 22nd October 2004, n° 270.

The student’s identity document is recorded or stored by the UTIU in the exclusive purpose of performing the following administrative procedures related the student’s career and no other purposes or treatments or communications to third parties are envisaged. Once completed the exam, the document is eliminated from the UTIU’s system. The e-mail stating the decision to accept or not accept the exam grade communicated verbally by the lecturer is, instead, kept for documenting the student’s career.

UTIU can be contacted by the concerned people at the postal addresses and telephone numbers available in its website on: . In the page devoted to online exams on the website it is possible to find also the procedure for students’ identification and the modes of delivery of the online exams, including the behavior rules to be followed during these sessions. To this end, UTIU reminds that any recording of the distance exams are prohibited and all those attending must stick to the instructions given by the lecturer.

The person responsible for data protection is Lawyer Gaetano Giordano who can be contacted via e-mail at the following address: or by tel./fax at the following number: +390637511524. The concerned people can contact him as regards any matters related to the treatment of their personal data and to the exercise of their rights ensuing from the above-mentioned Regulation. He has the duty of confidentiality as regards the performance of his functions.
Every concerned person has a right to ask the Owner for the:

  • Correction of incorrect personal data related to him;
  • Integration of the incomplete ones;
  • Elimination of these data if they were illicitly treated or if their elimination is necessary to comply with legal obligations;
  • Limitation of the treatment of only the personal data related to him of which the concerned person does not deny the correctness, waiting for the conclusion of checks on the denied ones and being accordingly informed before the above-mentioned limitation is removed;
  • Return of the provided personal data, in a structured format, of common use and readable by an automatic device, or the transmission of them to another owner of the treatment, also in a direct way, if technically feasible. The personal data that were not provided by the concerned person and those treated for the performance of task of public interest or connected to public powers of which the Owner of the treatment is responsible are excluded.

Any requests can be submitted to the Owner by calling the following numbers: tel. +3906692076.70 / +3906692076.71 or sending an e-mail to: .
UTIU will assure a follow-up to any request of the concerned person with no unjustified delay and, anyway, within a month from its reception. This term may be extended to maximum two months and it will be up to the Owner to communicate to the concerned person the extension and the reasons for the delay, within a month from the reception of the request.

In the case where the requests of the concerned person may be groundless or excessive, particularly for their reiterative character, the Owner has a right to charge a fee for the relative expenses or even reject the request.

In case the concerned person deems that the treatment involving him infringes the EU Regulation 2016/679 or that the Owner did not comply with its obligations related to the exercise of the above-mentioned rights, he has a right, as per art. 77 of the same Regulation, to submit a claim to the Supervisory Authority, based in the Member State, where he usually resides or works or to that one that is based in the place where the possible infringement occurred. Any other administrative or jurisdictional claim is excluded.