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UNINETTUNO Digital Talk “The Gates of Heaven (1945) by Vittorio De Sica: Occupied Rome, Neorealism, Men and Movies to be Saved”

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO Portal and on UNINETTUNO Facebook Page

On March the 1st , at 5 pm UNINETTUNO Digital Talk UNINETTUNO “The Gates of Heaven (1945) by Vittorio De Sica: Occupied Rome, Neorealism, Men and Movies to be Saved”.

Introducer and moderator: 

Dario Edoardo Viganò – Dean of the Communication Sciences Faculty, UNINETTUNO


Gianluca della Maggiore – Professor of Visual Storytelling, UNINETTUNO 

Rosanna Scatamacchia – Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, UNINETTUNO

Alberto Anile – Curator of the National Cinematheque 

Simona Ferrantin – Head of the ISACEM (Istituto per la Storia dell’Azione Cattolica e del Movimento Cattolico in Italia – Paul VI) 

On the occasion of the 120th Anniversary of Vittorio De Sica's (1901-1974) birth, this Digital Talk focuses on “La Porta del Cielo (The Gateway to Heaven)”, a little-known movie by the Roman director that precedes his acknowledged masterpieces Sciuscià (1946) and Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves) (1948). Why return to this movie today? 

For at least two reasons: the movie, which tells the story of a pilgrimage by train to the Sanctuary of Loreto in search of a miracle, is part of the Italian Neorealism movement with some of its peculiarities that deserve to be valued and rediscovered; the production of the film is also a story within a story capable of recounting, from a very particular point of view, the terrible months of the Nazi-Fascist occupation of Italy during the Second World War. Filmed between 1943 and 1944 in a Rome at the mercy of the Nazi hooked crosses and under the constant threat of bombs, the film was produced by Azione Cattolica Italiana thanks to the help of the Holy See, which made it possible to transform the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura into a film set.

Returning to this film today is therefore an opportunity not only to focus attention on the need to best safeguard the audiovisual memory of our country, but also to "make" history by enhancing the cognitive potential of film sources capable of questioning the complexity of the phenomena that crossed Italy during the war from a new perspective.

The event will be streamed live on the website www.uninettunouniversity.net and on the University's Facebook page.


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