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Launching of the Project FIEST - International training for TV Series Writing

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO – Conference Hall at 5th Floor and RAI (Room B) – Via Asiago, 10 – Rome
16-17 01 2018

Eight partners, six European countries and one objective: train the new generations of students in the Mediterranean Area, in TV series writing in order to include talents and professional capable of innovating and diversifying the creative products of this evolving industry into labor market.

Thanks to the project FIEST – Formation Internationale à l'écriture de séries TV” – that will be launched in a two-day meeting among the involved partners – the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO keeps on being engaged in the university and vocational training of the Mediterranean younger generations.

Actually, this project is mainly aimed at the students of the cinema schools of Beirut (LBA), Tunis (ESAC) and Marrakech (ESAV).

The project involves 8 partners, coming from 6 European and Southern Mediterranean Countries.  Through a transnational and cross-sector (education-media-companies) cooperation mechanism (IT / FR / BG / MA / TN / LB) among partners, innovative educational methods and tools will be tested in order to enhance the benefitting students’ professional and intercultural competences and assure a preferential access to the labor market. Actually, the project is aimed at a professional sector having high economic potentialities and a great cultural and creative value, at local and at a European level as well.

This partnership is characterized by a strong desire to promote intercultural dialogue and knowledge among Euro-Mediterranean Countries in the aim of fostering progress based on a “living-together” attitude. The current success of TV series is mainly due to their responsiveness and perspective on social issues. They become a vehicle for dialogue and the spreading of ideas.

In the FIEST Project framework, UNINETTUNO will carry on the following activities:

  1. Coordination of the distance teaching tools; production of contents and of the platform on which the contents will be uploaded;
  2. Assigning and certification of the European training credits (ECTS) for the modules that will be realized in the project framework by means of the joint-double degree formula, jointly with project partners cinema schools;
  3. Creation of innovative tools on the platform supporting face-to-face study activities (virtual seminars, interactive classrooms etc.)


The first day will be hosted by UNINETTUNO and it will open with a speech delivered by the Rector, prof. Maria Amata Garito, who will present the University’s psycho-pedagogic model and e-learning platform and by COPEAM Secretary General, M. Claudio Cappon.

"FIEST”, jointly with the  “À Première Vue” Project, devoted to Mediterranean young directors, adds to the activities that UNINETTUNO carries on in cooperation with the institutions and schools of the Mediterranean Arab Countries.



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