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Academic staff

The academic staff represents one of the main strengths of International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

Course contents (video lessons and teaching materials) have been developed by renowned professors from the most important Italian and foreign Universities, in Italian but also in the Arabic, English and French languages. The academics who authored the course contents come from national and international Research Centers, and from the scientific, cultural, industrial, technological, and economic worlds.

Protagonists of contemporary culture have always been contributing to enrich the educational offer of UNINETTUNO: artists, poets, writers, musicians, painters, actors, philosophers, journalists, scientists, Nobel Peace Prize winners, scientists. In our video lessons, they not only present their work and their creativity, but they also address topics that help the understanding of the various forms of expression of contemporary thinking.

Moreover, video professors are paired with lecturers/tutors who follow the students in their learning processes, thanks to the technological tools provided by the UNINETTUNO platform: forums, interactive classrooms, and three- dimensional virtual classrooms. Within these environments, students and teachers apply new methodologies that enhance constant interaction and, first and foremost, allow collaborative learning and the joint construction of knowledge through an active participation of the students.

The lecturer/tutor can be a full professor, an associate professor, a researcher, s/he can be a subject matter expert from the professional world, a contracted extraordinary professor or a retired professor with a teaching assignment. UNINETTUNO academic staff selection procedures follow the national standards and regulations adopted by the University.

The video presents several university professors who have made history in their disciplines: some of them are no longer alive, but their video-lessons can be found in the educational cyberspace archive.