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Defining Standards in STE²AM (Entrepreneurship) Education

Global programme: Erasmus+
Call: Erasmus+ 2022 - KA220-HED
Project number: KA220-HED-4821BB34
Duration: 24 Months (10/1/2022 - 9/30/2024)
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Dario Assante
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Luigi Giorgi


This project aims to increase the skills and competencies of teachers who work in STE²AM education to harmonize educational curricula with the Bologna Process. 


In the past, while entrepreneurship was thought to be an innate talent, today, the idea that entrepreneurship can be taught outweighs it (Kuratko, 2005). For this reason, entrepreneurship education has been popularized in recent years. This educational process, which first started at the university, has gradually increased in non-university institutions. Theoretical and practical training were given together in the programs prepared for entrepreneurship education. For the education to gain entrepreneurship skills, appropriate technical and educational methods should be determined for the teachers and students (Curth, 2011; European Commission, 2011). These methods are expressed as project-based learning, STEAM, learning diaries, learning by making and experiencing, peer learning (Seikkula-Leino, 2007). Thanks to entrepreneurship education, teachers and students try to develop solutions to the problems they experience in daily life. When evaluated from these aspects, it is stated that the STE²AM (Science; Tecnhology; Engineering; Entrepreneurship; Arts; Mathematics) approach has a significant place in entrepreneurship education (Blenker, Dreisler, & Kjeldsen, 2006). Besides, the number of instructors capable of mentoring is insufficient for STEM. Still, there is not enough work for STE²AM [E stands for entrepreneurship] in higher education.

This project aims to increase the skills and competencies of teachers who work in STE²AM education to harmonize educational curricula with the Bologna Process. The leading target group of the present proposal is teachers teaching in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The direct beneficiaries of the project results and intellectual outputs will be teachers, trainers, researchers, and educators, while indirect beneficiaries will be students. The project’s main objective is to support the development and implementation of fit-for-purpose STE²AM higher education curricula in partner universities and schools following a STE²AM training; promoting the participation of women in STEAM education; development of guidance and mentoring.


This project aims to develop a model for entrepreneurial-oriented STEAM education with standards set and applicable for teachers. This model to be developed will serve as a guide for entrepreneurship-oriented STEM education in teacher training. Thus, a guide to the standards for creating practical STEAM activities to support the entrepreneurial skills of teachers and students, which has been identified as a gap in the literature, will be created


Within the Work Package n. 2 ["Transnational project meetings (Teacher training and STE²AM Implementations in Classrooms]), UNINETTUNO  will be responsible for the organization of a transnational project meeting in Rome and of a training addressed to teachers, professors and professionals employed in STE²AM.


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