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Processi Cognitivi e Tecnologie

The Second-Cycle (Laurea Magistrale) Degree Course in Cognitive Processes and Technologies, structured according to different paths, is aimed at the acquisition of advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of psychology applied to technologies. Through the study of psychological phenomena emerging in the new scenarios of man-machine interaction and in the contexts of psycho-social intervention, the course offers advanced training in the design and operational areas of psychology. The adopted perspective is based on an interdisciplinary approach that makes use mainly of online and multimedia teaching, which integrates the socio-cognitive, clinical and neuroscience approaches with the field of technology in order to allow a better understanding of human action.


  • Clinical psychology of childhood and adolescence

    The program offers students an updated and in-depth training on theoretical, clinical and methodological aspects of developmental psychology. This course uses the established models of dynamic psychology, integrating them with the most recent methodological and research references, dealing with issues such as psychology of typical and atypical development, the use of technology and social networks and intervention in the psychopathology of children and adolescents.

  • Neurosciences

    The course provides an acquisition of neurobiological, neuroscientific and clinical knowledge, in order to allow the graduate to master skills and competences necessary to operate in the clinical and research field. It will be deepened knowledge and theoretical and applicative skills related to the biological basis of mental and cognitive processes starting from the understanding of the mechanisms of functioning of the nerve cell and then dealing with the anatomy and physiology of the main neuronal networks involved in cognitive processes in physiological and pathological conditions and their mutual interactions.

  • Cybersychology

    The program of the course offers advanced training in the field of psychology applied to technologies and artificial intelligence with the aim of providing an up-to-date training on theoretical models and research paradigms specific to the understanding of processes of change at the individual and social level resulting from interaction with new media. The acquired knowledge and skills will allow analyzing and co-design technologies aimed at promoting individual and social well-being considering the different application fields of psychology

Employment and professional opportunities

The course trains professionals in the communicative and clinical field, experts in the mind-brain system, in the man-machine interaction using new technologies in various educational contexts aimed at the promotion and safety of network exchanges and in clinical contexts aimed at the promotion of well-being and reduction of psychopathological risk in different stages of life.

Technical tutor Technical and Study Course Tutor

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- Tancredi Pascucci
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- Letizia Flamini