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UNINETTUNO Online Three-Year Degree Courses

Choose one of the three-year degree courses of UNINETTUNO: this is the best way to start a university career. Our educational offer is very quite extensive and the Faculties that run online three-year degree course are the following one: 


Enrolling in one of our degrees equals to enjoying the easiness of a distance university having also the privilege of being always supported by a professor/tutor who make of UNINETTUNO a university in which all students are supported, step by step, along their learning path. In UNINETTUNO the student can build his learning path in function of his own learning needs and skill level autonomously deciding how to approach and plan his study progression.

Our University offers a multimedia, interactive and innovative study path meeting the students’ new needs and the demands of the labor market according to a modern and multicultural perspective.
Below you find a list of all the online three-year degree courses currently running in our University’s portal. Clicking on each link, you will get the course description, the study program of each single path and all the information you need to have a full understanding of the main features of our educational offer regarding the three-year degrees. Once enrolled in one of our degrees, the student will be able to access the Cyberspace, the online learning environment where he can use all the course contents and keep in touch with his own tutor.

Online Three-Year Degree Courses run by UNNETTUNO:

Cultural Heritage Faculty

Economics Faculty

Law Faculty

Engineering Faculty

Psychology Faculty

Facoltà di Scienze della Comunicazione


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