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Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage Course

The aim of the Three-year Degree Course in Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage is to meet the need, which is increasingly perceived at national and international level, for professional profiles working with a modern perspective to the protection, conservation and valorization of Cultural Heritage. Today the Cultural Heritage’s family is meant as locally widespread and common heritage and includes different kinds of assets together with those that are traditionally taken into account (archeological, architectural, artistic, archival and books) and the immaterial assets (oral traditions, performing arts, social and ritual practices etc.) up to the most complex aspect of the cultural landscape (with reference to the urban landscape and sedimentation of historical buildings, stratification of anthropic activities in the environment and the shaping of rural landscapes etc.).

Additionally, there is growing awareness of the fact that, especially in the Euro-Mediterranean Area, the body of Cultural Assets represents a shared resource, resulting from a mediation among different cultures (that gave rise to unique combinations and syncretic blends of sublime artistic and cultural value) and that, in a multicultural society such as the current one, can give life to expressions of cultural integration and interculturalism. Therefore, its mission is that of valorization as well as of conservation through innovative means, also including the concept of digital memory and digitization of the cultural heritages by means of the new computer-based languages and the new media.

The educational path assures, in the first place, a sound fundamental training based on disciplines that supply the student with a good mastery of the general scientific methods and contents as well as the acquisition of specific professional skills related to the big family of Cultural Heritage, from the traditional ones, to the intangible assets up to the most complex aspect of cultural landscape and interculturalism. The structure, based on two distinct curricula, allows, since the very beginning, the student to choose in which specific sector of cultural heritage to widen and deepen his knowledge. The educational offer of the degree course is actually based on two paths:

In each one of the two curricula the student’s training is carried out based on an interdisciplinary approach envisaging a close dialogue between the humanities, technological and digital media sectors; both curricula, in addition, follow the same path from knowledge to conservation and valorization. At the same time, even if based on a sound common training, the structure of both curricula is designed in such a way as to envisage the presence of disciplines that offer already professionalizing skills. This makes that the training achieved with the three-year degree prepares the student in an optimal way to go on along his educational path to pass to the second-cycle (master-level) degrees.

Three-Year Degree Course

Three-Year Degree Course

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