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UNINETTUNO Technological Pole - CATANIA




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The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, jointly with the Vocational Training Agency, "Ass. Sicilia Sviluppo Ets", implemented a new Technological Pole in CATANIA, in the premises of the Liceo Statale "G. Lombardo Radice" of Catania; (this latter institute, whose mission is to overcome international quality assurance standards, promotes new technologies that are being used as training tools as well as to develop skills allowing learners to move within a wider and multifaceted computer world. Additionally, this is the only school providing IGCSE Cambridge certificates).

The main purpose that the organization sets itself, with the establishment of the CATANIA Technological Centre, is scientific and technical training, making it easier for young people to access university studies, and acting as a point of reference for university careers for the different types of subjects who have expressed interest and commitment. The proponents have in fact recognized that these principles are indispensable for any socio-economic development.

The CATANIA Technological Pole is equipped with an innovative structure including an auditorium (of 300 seats with writing desks), an exam room (of about 30 seats), 3 computer labs, inner large courts and a car parking area.
In the CATANIA Technological Pole there is a student secretariat that is open on Mondays and Thursdays, from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 16:00 and on Wednesdays from 14:30 to 16:00 to handle all matters involving the University.

Secretariat of the Technological Pole
Responsible: Dott. Salvo Sambataro
Cell. +39 349 6098933
Cell. +39 339 2039659
Active WhatsApp Service
Dr. Loriana Calderone
Cell. +39 328 7178958
Active WhatsApp Service
Technological Pole address: c/o Liceo Statale "G. Lombardo Radice"
Via Imperia, n. 19 / 21
95128 - CATANIA (CT)
Indirizzo Sede di Esami Polo Tecnologico: c/o Istituto "Ardizzone Gioeni" (Sala Regina Elena)
Via Etnea 595 / 597
95128 - CATANIA (CT)
Tel. +39 095 3286470 |,| +39 0959590326
WhatsApp service. +39 0959590326
Fax. 095 8993542
Facebook Page: :  Polo Uninettuno Catania
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Decentralized offices for information: c/o Associazione "Sicilia Sviluppo Ets"
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