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Polo Tecnologico UNINETTUNO/Fondazione YMCA Italia ETS - Catania




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The Fondazione YMCA Italia ETS was founded in 2012 by the will of the Italian YMCA Federation (acronym of Young Men Christian Association - Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1946) in order to create a structure dedicated to activities of social solidarity, dissemination and support for YMCA activities, not only domestically but also internationally.

The YMCA has always been committed to major social changes, addressing issues that people are facing around the world, such as racism, discrimination, peace, young people at risk and unemployment.

Sharing the universal mission of the YMCA, The Fondazione YMCA Italia ETS promotes and encourages the development of the individual's physical, intellectual, social and spiritual personality in the faith and in Christian life, according to the beliefs and traditions of each person, mainly in the areas of assistance, education, training and sport.

The YMCA Campus in Catania has wired classrooms equipped with touch board screens, high-speed WI-FI and digital tools for conducting the face to face activities of some modules. There are also a computer room and a state-of-the-art study room with digital databases and fast internet connection to access to the e-learning platform. The Technological Pole also has a residential facility for students with rooms equipped with every comfort. The structure also has internal conference rooms where workshops and seminars will take place on current and relevant topics.

Address: Viale Presidente Kennedy n. 10/B, CAP: 9521, Catania (CT)
Responsible: Dott.ssa Beatrice Messina, coordinamento didattica