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“The Impact on Cultural Industry: Survival or Recovery?”: Kick-off of the online debate at UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talk

On Tuesday, May the 26th  at 5 pm, the Digital Talk, comprised in a cycle organized by UNINETTUNO during the Covid-19 emergency period, entitled “The Impact on Cultural Industry: Survival or Recovery?” will be held online.

The event, introduced and moderated by  Prof. F. G. Angelini, contract professor of administrative law at UNINETTUNO, hosts the contributions of Prof. Giovanni Puglisi, Vice President of the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani and Dean of the Cultural Heritage Faculty of UNINETTUNO, of Dr. James Bradburne, Director of the Pinacoteca di Brera and of Dr. Sergio Escobar, Director of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan. 

This Digital Talk want to give an opportunity for supplying some elements to analyze  the effects that the lockdown produced on the world of art and culture, opening a debate on the current situation and, above all, the measures needed for its relaunch.

The Digital Talk, as always, will be streamed  live on Facebook  and on UNINETTUNO’s website.


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