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Tuesday, the 16th June 2020, from 10 am to 11:30 am, in the Conference Hall of our University, there will be “The Energy of the Future: the Energy Transition between Challenges and Opportunities” Conference of which we are the promoters, jointly [...]


On Tuesday, May the 26th  at 5 pm, the Digital Talk, comprised in a cycle organized by UNINETTUNO during the Covid-19 emergency period, entitled “The Impact on Cultural Industry: Survival or Recovery?” will be held online.


On Thursday, the 21st May, at 5 pm, the Digital Talk, organized by UNINETTUNO Law Faculty,  entitled “The Sources of Law and the Organization of the State at the Test of the Emergency: Who governs the Fundamental Rights?” will be held online.


On Tuesday, the 19th May, at 5 pm, the Digital Talk, organized by UNINETTUNO during the Covid-19 emergency, entitled “Public Investments: The Role of the State and Public-Private Finance” will take place online.


Martedì 12 maggio alle ore 17, si svolge in modalità online il Digital Talk del ciclo organizzato da UNINETTUNO nell'ambito dell'emergenza Covid-19, dal titolo "La Tenuta del Sistema Economico tra Mercati Finanziari e Inves [...]


On Tuesday, May the 5th , at 5 pm,the second Digital Talk, comprised in the cycle organized by UNINETTUNO during the Covid-19 emergency, entitled “Emergency and its Conflicts” will be held online. 


L'Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno lancia un ciclo di Digital Talks dal titolo: "L'emergenza Covid-19 e le sue emergenze democratiche, economiche e sociali" che verrà trasmesso nella modalità online in diretta streaming sulla


The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO was included among the ten best European online Universities and is the only Italian University in the ranking compiled by Studyportal.com, the most influential European portal of distance higher education, point of [...]

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