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UNINETTUNO hosts a top-notch representative of the Sports Medicine: Moira O’Brienfor the M.Sc. in “Applied Sport Performance”


UNINETTUNO hosts a top-notch representative of the Sports Medicine: Moira O’Brien

for the M.Sc. in “Applied Sport Performance”

In the framework of the project “Soccer – Education – Culture” kicked off jointly with S.S.Lazio “Youth Sector and Female Team”, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, hosts today a top-notch representative of the Sports Medicine: Professor Emeritus in Anatomy at the Trinity College in Dublin, Moira O’Brien.

She was the first woman being awarded with the “Sir Roger Bannister” prize, due to her contribution to the sports in medicine, and the first female doctor in Europe in charge of an Olympic team (Ireland, in the Olympic Games of Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984, and Seoul 1988).

Moira O’Brien has really represented  an international excellence belonging to the field of education for about sixty years. Today, led by the passionate inspiration that features her personality,  she is hosted by the International  University UNINETTUNO in order to give her contribution, through both the recording of  some video-lectures aimed to the M.Sc. in “Applied Sport Performance”, and the meeting with the youth sector and the female varsity of S.S.Lazio, at the headquarters of the Lazio Sport Center in Formello, debating on the topic “Accident prevention in women's sports career”.

The lectures by O’Brien, form the follow-up to the ambitious project that was presented by both the Rector of UNINETTUNO, Maria Amata Garito, and the President of  S.S.Lazio Claudio Lotito on the occasion of the two press conferences of July 31, 2019, and October 10, 2019, at the Conference Hall of the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The aim of the conferences was to ensure young athletes a future after the career-ending, in the firm belief that this future is being built starting now, by enriching their knowledge, professionality, and skills.

The presence of Prof. Moira O’Brien, can be considered as an important opportunity to support training, particularly when referred to young female athletes. These could benefit from the dedicated care of the University, even if they still miss a professional recognition in Italy. In facts, the main goal is to equal the possibilities that are the preserve of the male soccer world.