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UNINETTUNO consolidates its presence in Jordan

Yesterday, there has been an important meeting between the Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, and Prof. Mashhoor Abdullah Al-Refai, Rector of the Princess Sumaya University for Technology of Aman, Jordan, in the course of which they defined the lines for a cooperation between the two universities. More specifically, these agreements will allow to:
- Develop and produce new academic contents, in Arabic, in the field of IT and Engineering that will be made available on UNINETTUNO’s platform for all students worldwide; train the Jordanian teachers in the use of UNINETTUNO’s distance teaching and learning model; implement shared study paths and double degrees in Arabic and in English aimed at all students worldwide;
- Launch the UNINETTUNO project, “The University for Refugees” (www.universitaperrifugiati.it) in the refugees camps in Jordan and in all the centers in the country hosting refugees and asylum seekers to grant them access to university education, vocational training and skills recognition.
This issue is of the highest importance if we think that today Jordan hosts about 4.5 million refugees (among which 80% come from Syria) and applies a model of reception and management of migration flows among the most efficient and advanced ones in the world.


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