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Digital Talk - "Rebuild Project - Final Conference"

Event video available here

New technologies - new integration models. AI-based ICT and co-designed services for migrants.

Final Conference for Rebuild Project, the project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Horizon2020 Programme, coordinated by UNINETTUNO.

All partners present the work done and provide the perspective of further developments for REBUILD, adding services, public administrations and NGOs that will be called to respond efficiently to a new migration wave that has already started and is being managed with a renewed spirit of solidarity and welcome by the European Union. Moreover, the University for Refugees is now also open to Ukrainians, who can enroll free of charge in UNINETTUNO University thanks to the scholarships that the university has already allocated.

"I am convinced that the value of good integration depends on the recognition of the skills and knowledge of every human being, and therefore the commitment of those who receive refugees must be to ensure that as soon as possible their skills are recognized and used to reintegrate them into society with the hope of a future that will allow them to regain their dignity" (Maria Amata Garito)

Opening speech:
Maria Amata Garito, Rector of UNINETTUNO

Alessandro Pollini, UNINETTUNO


Wolfgang Bode, DT-Migration-06 projects officers

Alessandro Caforio, UNINETTUNO

Pilar Orero, UAB

Julia Zomignani Barboza, VUB

Antonio Filograna, Engineering

Francisco Moreno, UPM

Thodoris Semertizidis, CERTH

Davide Storti, UNESCO

Antonella Passani, DEN

Streaming on UNINETTUNO Website: and on Facebook page.