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Digital Talk "The Magic Memory of Federico Fellini 1920-2020"

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO’s website and Facebook page – at 5 pm

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One hundred years ago Federico Fellini was born and, in Italy and all over the world, many are the initiatives that recall his activities as a so multi-awarded as well as much discussed and outrageous director, his unmistakable imagination, his very rich network of professional relations with some of the most extraordinary protagonists of the cultural life and history of the Italian cinema of the Twentieth Century.

Among the many activities – publications, festivals, exhibitions and tributes of many kinds – they are working at the design and installation of a museum that is entirely devoted to him, fortunately wished by the Municipality of Rimini – his hometown – and by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. A complex project involving a diverse group of professionals winning a competition call and that gave the opportunity for a complete and deep rereading of Fellini’s cinema.

While in Rimini they are working in preparing these areas – the Castello Malatestiano, the Fulgor Cinema, and other urban junctions – and they are completing the design of the internal installations and of the multimedia plants, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO hosts a Digital Talk coordinated by the Dean of the Communication Sciences Faculty, Prof. Dario Edoardo Viganò, which will see the participation of some of the protagonists of Rimini’s museum project.

Among the participants: Prof. Anna Villari,  professor at UNINETTUNO, museologist and among the managers of the permanent project of the “Federico Fellini International Museum”; Prof. Marco Bertozzi, professor at IUAV, documentarist, historian of cinema, among the managers of the Museum and author of a volume on Fellini, to be published soon: Prof. Leonardo Sangiorgi, among the founders of Studio Azzurro and designer of the multimedia installation and of the narrative dimension characterizing the Museum; the people in charge of the project on behalf of the Municipality of Rimini and of the Fellini Archive, Dr. Marco Leonetti and Dr. Nicola Bassano.

This Digital Talk, as always, will be streamed live  on the University’s website and  Facebook page.