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The Energy of the Future: the Energy Transition between Challenges and Opportunities

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO – Conference Hall - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 39 – Rome (IT) in live streaming on UNINETTUNO’s website

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The Conference aims at looking into the main challenges and opportunities for the energy sector, even in the light of the pandemic emergency.

All this, in the perspective of assessing their main effects on the energy industry and on the “Sistema Paese (Country’s System)” and with a view to identify concrete proposals to be put in place. The international agreements, starting from Paris Agreement, mark an essential path to ensure sustainable living conditions for future generations. The EU, with the European 2030 Agenda and the Clean Energy Package, took the lead at international level and clearly showed the way to go and the objectives to be achieved. A complex and multidimensional process involving policy makers and businesses in a socio-economic transformation that sees the restructuring of the economy and the reformulation of the values of development and growth of the communities that the recent pandemic crisis has made even  more apparent.


Welcome and Opening remarks:

UNINETTUNO’s Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito


The Minister of the Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli

The Director of ENEL Italia, Carlo Tamburi

National President of Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani

Moderator: Emilio Carelli, journalist