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UNINETTUNO Digital Talk "The Sources of Law and the Organization of the State at the Test of the Emergency: Who governs the Fundamental Rights?”

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO website and Facebook page

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The rendezvous of UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talks, scheduled on weekly basis and devoted to the Covid-19 emergency, comes back again.

On Thursday, the 21st May, from 5 pm to 6 pm, the Digital Talk, promoted by UNINETTUNO Law Faculty,  entitled “The Sources of Law and the Organization of the State at the Test of the Emergency: Who governs the Fundamental Rights?” will be held online.

The title and an open question which Speakers of great juridical-institutional experience will answer, creating a new occasion for public thinking and interactive discussion that will specifically pause on the maintenance of the sources of law, of the protection of health and of the administrative organization between State and Regions.

Introducer and moderator:

Prof. Giovanni Pesce, Professor of Digital Administrative Law at the UNINETTUNO University;


Prof. Guido Corso, Professor Emeritus at the University of Roma Tre;

Prof. Alessandro Pajno, President Emeritus of the Council of State, Professor of Administrative Procedural Law at LUISS University and Scientific Director of the Research on Democracy in the Digital Society - Fondazione Leonardo - Civiltà delle Macchine.

“The COVID-19 outbreak, besides causing sufferings to a considerable number of people across the entire world, has had a significant impact on the working of the States, of their democratic institutions and juridical systems” Prof. Pesce stated. "Therefore – the professor goes on – if it is understandable that Governments had to resort to exceptional measures in their attempt to control the spreading of COVID-19, it is equally certain that the above-mentioned measures limited and will limit, even in the future and inevitably, citizens’ fundamental rights. However, we must consider in the interest of everybody that these measures are imposed and applied in the framework of the principles of democracy and of the rule of law. Consequently, even if the spreading of the pandemics justifies limitations to the functioning of the institutions and to the normal development of social and economic relationships, these limitations must be subject to democratic control; must not be used in an unfair way and must not be applied for purposes other than the measures that are directly connected to this crisis. It is also essential that the measures being adopted take into account the principles of solidarity and fairness.”

"Our University goes on being committed in creating occasions for getting an deeper insight, analyzing and reflecting on the effects that the current emergency period produces in our society, on the economic, social and human context.” The Rector of UNINETTUNO, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, states.

The Digital Talk of the 21st May as well takes place in live streaming on the University’s Facebook page.


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