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UNINETTUNO Digital Talk on “Public Investments: the Role of the State and Public-Private Finance”

In live streaming UNINETTUNO’s website and Facebook page

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As the fourth rendezvous of the cycle devoted to the Covid-19 emergency and to its democratic, economic and social emergencies, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO organized, on Tuesday the 19th May, from 5 pm to 6 pm, in live streaming on its  website and on its FB page, a Digital Talk, entitled: " Public Investments: the Role of the State and Public-Private Finance ".

Introducer and moderator: Prof. Fabio G. Angelini, contract professor of administrative law at UNINETTUNO

Speakers: Ing. Andrea Fanelli, CDP Infrastrutture, PA e Territorio, Cons. Renato Loiero, Senate of the Republic, Lawyer  Simone Egidi, Herbert Smith Freehills.

They will discuss with the Speakers about the decree on recovery (Decreto Rilancio) and about public investments as a response to the threats looming over our economic system.

"The macro-economic scenario that characterizes this phase has radically changed as did the Euro-Unitarian juridical-institutional framework, called upon to support the action of the Member States overcoming the austerity policies that inspired the response to the crisis of the sovereign debts.” As stated by Prof. Fabio G. Angelini, who goes on by saying that:  "The use of debit  does not appear any longer as an unsurmountable dogma, even if everybody is well aware of the fact that the increase of public expenditure will produce uncertainties on Europe’s economy. If, before the pandemics, the attention was addressed to the control of public expenditure, nowadays the challenge that governments must face is that of spending well, being capable of investing on the future matching efficiency with equity.”

"Our University goes on being committed in creating occasions for getting an deeper insight, analyzing and reflecting on the effects that the current emergency period produces in our society, on the economic, social and human context.” The Rector of UNINETTUNO, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, states.


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