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Digital Talk "The Digital Paths of the Silk Road"

Rome - UNINETTUNO Multimedia Hall - Piazza Grazioli, 17

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How will China’s “One Belt, One Road” infrastructural strategic plan affect the global economy’s scenario? And how the relationships with Italy, not only the economic ones, will change and will be strengthened thanks to the spreading of the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? After the welcoming address of UNINETTUNO’s Rector, Maria Amata Garito, during the new UNINETTUNO Digital Talk, entitled "The Digital Paths of the Silk Road – One Belt, One Road”, some speakers will answer these and other questions; these include: Gianpiero Gamaleri, full professor of “Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes”, at UNINETTUNO; Louis Godart, full professor of “Aegean Civilizations”, at UNINETTUNO and  member of the Accademia dei Lincei; Giada Messetti, a sinologist and television writer; Pietro Piccinetti, chief executive and director general of Fiera di Roma; Lucia Votano, research manager, former director of the Gran Sasso National Laboratories. 
The Digital Talks meetings were conceived by UNINETTUNO to promote discussion on the changes that Digital Innovation is bringing about in our society. The event on live stream on Facebook and on UNINETTUNO’s website!It is also possible to follow the Digital Talk on the Web, sending questions and comments to our pages on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #nuovaviadellaseta.