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Presentation of UNINETTUNO’s video collection, "WE #Withoutboundaries together for a Better World"

UNINETTUNO’s head office, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, n.39

On December the 18th, at 6 pm, in UNINETTUNO’s head office, a big event to exchange Season’s greetings and a message of peace and hope. Actually, on this occasion, there will be a preview event for the presentation of the video collection "WE #Withoutboundaries together for a Better World", designed by the Rector, Maria Amata Garito and realized by UNINETTUNO for the satellite channel,
The protagonists of the collection are refugees and second-generation immigrants living in Italy: Hicham Ben Mbarek, Takoua Ben Mohamed, Vode Devon Ebah, Amin Nour, Kassim Yassin Saleh, Zakaria Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Keita and Fasasi. Fashion designers and businessmen, cartoonists, musicians, actors, directors, reporters, photographers and sculptors who tell their own stories. Different stories, as the countries they are from (Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali and Gibuti) revealing their courage, their strength and their commitment to successfully integrate into our society. Stories to which the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO decided to give voice through its satellite TV channel and social and web networks.
A choice which renews the University’s commitment to bring together different cultures, being aware of the fact that learning about others helps build a future of peace. The evening will be cheered up by the music of Devon Ebah and by the actor, Amin Nour, who will read poems drawn from the book, "Sogni di un uomo" by Soumaila Diawara.