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The first 12 Somali students of the International Master of Science in "Health Management" completed their study path

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO – Conference Hall – 5th Floor – Rome


Target is met: today the first 12 Somali students, enrolled in the international master of science in "Health Management" - together with other 6 students from Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal and Malawi, defended their final theses, thus completing their study path at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

The discussions of the theses were held at the headquarters of UNINETTUNO: the Master’s scientific committee – connected to Galkayo, the Somali town hosting the University’s Technological Pole – listened to and assessed the Somali students’ final papers.

The Somali youths enrolled for the master’s course thanks to an agreement between UNINETTUNO and the Global University of Science of Somalia, signed with the aim of transmitting high-level knowledge and know-how and contribute to the empowerment of the local people. Actually, this master’s course gave the opportunity to the Somali health services operators to access – whilst remaining in their country – an internationally-oriented higher education path, in English and delivered by UNINETTUNO’s best lecturers, expert in this field and coming from all Europe.

The students enrolled in this master’s course were able to watch the videolessons by getting connected to UNINETTUNO’s e-learning platform and – based on the University’s educational model – were able to benefit from multimedia and hypertexual more-in-depth study materials and live-streaming interactive sessions.

Moreover, considering the geographical area from which the students come, the project realized a UNINETTUNO technological pole in the premises of the Global University of Science of Galkayo, in order to assure to everybody the access to high-speed web connection, take their exams face-to-face and take part in distance interactive training activities.