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UNINETTUNO opens its doors to the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany to promote business opportunities between the two countries in the e-learning sector 28 09 2017 International Telematic University UNINETTUNO – Conference Hall – 5th Floor – Rome On September the 28th , from 9 am to 2 pm, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO hosts the event “Internationalization and Business Opportunities in the Educational Sector with a Special Focus on e-Learning: How meeting 15 German business visiting Italy”.
UNINETTUNO presents “À Première Vue – A Window on the Young Talents of the Mediterranean Cinema » at the 10th edition of the Mediterranean Video Festival 16 09 2017 Ascea Velia (Salerno, Italy), Palazzo De Dominicis-Ricci In the framework of the Mediterranean Video Festival, running from the 15th to the 17th in Ascea Velia, UNINETTUNO, in cooperation with COPEAM, presents “À Première Vue“, a festival for non-competing short films realized by young talents of the Mediterranean Area coming from the schools of cinema of Beirut, Marrakech and Tunis. The Rector of UNINETTUNO, Maria Amata Garito, will be attending the event.
Inauguration of the New UNINETTUNO Technological Pole in Lanciano 14 09 2017 Palazzo degli Studi (Lanciano) With the signature of an agreement between UNINETTUNO and the University Consortium of Lanciano and of the convention with the ITS-Sistema Meccanica, a new UNINETTUNO Technological Pole was inaugurated in the town of the Frentani people, the first one in the Abruzzo Region.
Convegno "National Symposium on Interdisciplinary and Science Based Research on Nuclear Fusion and High energy Plasmas" 11 09 2017 Roma - Sala Multimediale Uninettuno - Piazza Grazioli, 17 Il convegno internazionale, organizzato dalla Sezione di Matematica della Facoltà di Ingegneria di Uninettuno e dedicato alla memoria del fisico Arrigo Sestero, coinvolge relatori di chiara fama, per creare un momento di riflessione e ricerca su un tema di grande interesse scientifico.
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